Sunday, September 19, 2010

Senior PHP Developer, 10,000+ miles away

So you know you’re a great PHP programmer and you want work that keeps your life interesting. Then why do something really radical - turn your world upside down and shift down under to New Zealand and work with us!

iMall Brands is world class e-commerce company based in Auckland, New Zealand and we’re currently on the hunt for 5 senior PHP programmers. We have 80 staff worldwide, with offices in Auckland, Melbourne, London and Shenzhen, but most of the dev is done in Auckland because it's a nice place to live.

What we offer:
  • Your airfares to New Zealand paid and help to sort out your work NZ work visa/residency.
  • A competitive wage of 85k NZD
  • A desk in our outstanding offices in downtown Auckland
  • Colleagues who know what they’re doing - our programming team is small but prodigious, consisting of 1 Slovenian, 2 Russians, 1 Chinese and a Kiwi. We also outsource to programmers all over the planet.
  • A 'sweet as' laid back kiwi lifestyle with beaches and barbecues never to far away!

About the job:
As an integral part of this IT team, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing the company' current in house applications. You need the ability to multi-task, have strong technical knowledge and a sense of humor!

Requirements for this role:
  • Minimum of 3-4 years PHP development experience, with a strong focus on PHP 5 development and OO development practices.
  • Experience in application development (not just websites, but applications)
  • MySQL database administration
  • HTML, CSS, UI Design experience. You must have a sound understanding of best practice cross-browser support and Web standards based development.
  • Experience in client-server application development.
  • Experience in Javascript/AJAX development, especially with the JQuery and MooTools frameworks.
  • Experience with development support tools such as SVN, Wiki based documentation tools and project management software.
  • Good understanding of Linux/Unix systems and IP networking.
  • Strong attention to detail - especially around application security and standards.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential.
  • Logical, methodical and accurate work practices

Tasks Include:

  • building, testing and implementing approved work requests and projects
  • correctly developing systems and system changes that meet user requirements
  • ensuring that coding and testing is performed correctly
  • following and understanding existing processes
  • working effectively and contributing to the overall success of own team
If you’re interested email us at

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