Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marxi knows Motorhomes

Rohan 'Marxi' Marx, the General Manager of iMall Motorhomes knows a bit about Motorhomes. He's started a new blog at where he plans to periodically excellent info about tips to booking motorhomes.
Book your RV before your flights
Do not book your flights first especially if you are travelling inside of 2 months. There are far less RVs available in the USA than there are seats on planes coming into and out of the country! By all means investigate flights before booking your RV, but make sure you have secured an RV before confirming your flights. You may find that your first choice RV rental is not available but your agent has come back to you with alternative suggestions that may have variation in the pick up or drop off dates or even locations. If you have booked your flights first you may now find it hard or expensive to change these to enable you to take the alternative RV rental suggested. Many people make this mistake and end up having flights booked but never secure an RV.

Further to above, do not wait for cheap last minute deals on flights before booking an RV. Your chances of securing an RV that fits between your return flight dates and locations is greatly diminished the closer you get to your RV travel dates. And what money you save on a cheaper last minute flight will be more than swallowed up by a more expensive rental price on the RV which typically increases as your travel dates get closer to booking dates.

Right now its peak booking season for New Zealand Campervan Hire and Australia Campervan Hire. If you want to enjoy these beautiful parts of the world in a motorhome - get your motorhome booking arranged first or deal with heartache later!

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