Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bish's RV Challenge: What's Better than a Motorhome Rental? A Chance to Win Your Own RV!

What would you do to win an RV and the freedom that the open road holds? The twelve contestants currently participating in Bish's RV Challenge in Idaho Falls, Idaho are about to find out just how far they'll go to win. The Survivor-style contest will see the twelve camping out in RVs in an enclosed area with two people voted off each day after the group competes in various challenges. Each contestant is allowed a sleeping bag, the clothes on their back and one personal item. The big prize? A 2011 Dutchmen travel trailer from Bish's.

The contest will run from September 13 to September 18, 2010, and the last RVer to remain standing will win the grand prize worth over $20,000. The contestants not only have to make it through the grueling eliminations every night, but also have to come out on top in the daily challenges to ensure they'll be around to fight another day. The challenges include activities like Tennis Dodge Ball, where contestants are split up into two teams to play that old childhood favourite dodge ball, but using tennis balls instead. The winning team then had to move the tennis balls into different bins while blindfolded to determine the ultimate victor.

“We just want to bring it back and let people know we’re here and we want to be a part of the community,” Megan Walker of Bish's explained about the idea behind the contest. “Come win an RV and go camping. The ultimate goal is to get people out there and camping.” You can follow the daily contest happenings on Bish's blog and if you're lucky enough to have an RV to hit the road in head to Motorhome Rental USA for tips and travel itineraries to maximize your USA motorhome rental vacation.

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