Monday, August 23, 2010

Luxury Motorhome Rentals the Biggest Trend at Burning Man 2010

Want to head out to Burning Man this year, but don't want to rough it? You're not alone according to The LA Times. While it was once mandatory for festival goers to brave the elements in order to participate that no longer seems to be the case. In fact, more than ever people are scrambling to secure luxury motorhome rentals to cushion the blow of camping outdoors in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, where the event is being held this year between August 30 and September 6. With the advent of activities like glamping (ie: luxury camping) is it any surprise that decked out RV rentals at Burning Man are now a reality?

While 50,000 are expected to gather in the desert this year, the look of 2010's Burning Man will be decidedly different than the inaugural festival held in 1986. According to The Times, some festival goers are dropping between $12,000 and $15,000 so as to avoid roughing it (these motorhomes come kitted out with flatscreen TVs, soft bedding and fully stocked kitchens), while others prefer to keep a bit more with the ethos of Burning Man and search out better prices. For great deals on rental motorhomes for Burning Man or any other festival this year check out Cheap RV Rental USA.

Photo 1 - Black Rock Desert - by Ikluft (Wikimedia Commons)
Photo 2 by Motormadness (Wikimedia Commons)

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