Monday, August 23, 2010

Head Off The Beaten Track in a Green Campervan

Maybe calling Cornelius Comanns' new design a campervan is a bit of a stretch considering there is no real van involved in this innovative new design. Determined to create a greener type of RV the German industrial designer came up with this innovative concept, as seen on DesignBoom, that has been christened the Bufalino.

The Bufalino is meant to meet the needs of one camper and includes all the comforts of home including chairs, storage and a bed, not to mention a kitchenette.

While onsite laundry seems unlikely, the Bufalino does offer ample space to hang and dry your clothes once you've found a place to stop and enjoy.

Based on a three-wheel, fuel efficient Piaggio APE 50, Comanns design is all about marrying environmental consciousness with flexibility and functionality.

So if you're thinking of camping out solo why not keep your eyes open for a Bufalino to hit the road with? In the meantime head to Cheap RV Rentals to get a great rate for a motorhome rental near you.

Photos via DesignBoom

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