Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top Gear Motorhome Challenge Cliffhanger

Remember those teaser photos we saw of the Top Gear guys and their self-built motorhomes? In Episode 4, Season 15 of the show Jeremy, May and Hammond test out their motorhomes as they drive to Cornwall to see how their creations hold up as campers. Judging from this video it seems that while some of their motorhomes were elaborate (especially Jeremy's three-storey pad on top of a Citroen CX), they're not exactly practical.

Jeremy finds out the hard way that bigger isn't always better. As for May and Hammond, they have problems of their own with their Lotus camper and Range Rover faux-cottage, respectively. Join the Top Gear lads as they attempt to make it to Cornwall with their motorhomes--and themselves--in one piece.

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