Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Motorhome Design Concepts

We've been following the trend of increasingly unique motorhome designs for awhile now. It seems that the more people decide a life on the road is for them, the more shape and colours of motorhomes are changing. Recently, has featured several interesting new RV models and concept design that show just what an evolution is occurring in the industry.

Functionality is a big part of any motorhome lifestyle and many designers and architects are now approaching the idea of developing cars with detachable motorhomes. That is to say, having a car that can function on its own with a high-tech motorhome that can be attached when the itch to get away from it all hits. The revolutionary design shown here was developed by Andrew Dutton, with an eye not only to making vacations easier, but also to allow more permanent mobility--like moving from city to city--more feasible as well.

Dutton's design includes modern aesthetics paired with space-saving ideas such as convertible furniture to make the most of every inch of space. To make long-term living in such a space feasible one would need to set up regular heating and plumbing, but as a start this design really does delve into something revolutionary.

The new Volkswagen Microbus concept is a tribute to the original in style, but is completely modern in its environmental consciousness. The new VW bus is a bio-diesel hybrid filled with modern gadgets not imagined during the time of the bus' first go-round.

The new design, called the Verdier, after its Canadian designer Alexander Verdier, is all about making the campervan cooler, more functional and more environmentally friendly. It also features an adjustable roof, various fold-outs, a table and stove, and two awnings.

"I want to build a car that’s low impact and makes the most out of nature," Verdier told Wired. "The solar array is one of the most interesting aspects of the car. I am using a body design similar to that of the VW Westfalia so that I can maximize the size of the panels but still maintain a van that is compact and kind of like a small house."

Continuing the environmental theme, here's a thought: What about if your motorhome doesn't have a motor at all? This trailer design for a bike is a new take on making RVs greener. This residential bike trailer, designed by Tiny House Design, is made of foam board, aluminum, plywood and insulation.

While the living quarters may be a bit cramped, this idea seems like a winner for a quick jaunt into the woods and as a satisfactory replacement for a tent. The size of the design means that one person can comfortably sleep in this trailer, which would also come equipped with a kitchen and storage space with either a battery or solar power being used to cook.

This industrial motorhome is just one example of the ingenuity of the owners of these type of vehicles. Not only does this model contain all the amenities of your regular RV, but it also has a hydraulic lift!

If you need a place to take your stylish new RV, check out Motorhome Roadtrip for great RV vacation ideas.

All images via Dornob.Com

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