Monday, July 12, 2010

Conkers with Campervans

It's a proven fact that any campervan unfortunate enough to come across the path of a Top Gear host is unlikely to survive the week. This time the Gear guys seem to have outdone themselves. Digging deep into their childhood memories they have come up with the idea to play conkers with, well, campervans. Naturally.

For those who haven't had the pleasure, Conkers is really a simple game where two people choose one nut each and then place them on a string. The nuts then get swung at one another and the person whose conker breaks first loses.

Conkers - via Wikipedia
The first step to winning the Conkers with Campervans challenge is choosing the vehicle you are sending into battle very carefully. The clip above illustrates how it came to be that a 1983 camper complete with port-a-potty faced off against a 700 kilo behemoth. Sound fun? If you promise not to play Conkers with these caravans, you can get a sweet deal on travel trailer rental!

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