Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Austrian ActionMobil - The Desert Challenger

The Hills are Alive with the sound of... 4 axels of bowel shaking, earth moving power. This is not your Opa's Wohnmobil, and it will make mincemeat of any terrain that is unfortunate enough to get in its way. With a 220 Hp and 626lbs of torque, this beast with out-yodel any motorhome on the planet. Here are some some specs of the Desert Challenger:

The MAN chassis:
MAN L2000 10.220 4x4 BB
Wheel base 11´8” (3560 mm)
extended type drivers cab + 12” (+300 mm)
MAN 6-cylinder inline turbodiesel with intercooler
Displacement 420 cubic in. (6.871 ccm)
Performance 162 kW/220 hp Euro 3
Max. torque 626 lb.-ft. (850 Nm)
ZF 6-speed manual gearbox r
2 speed transfer case with street and cross country ratiospermanent all wheel drive with
center diffential lock
Differential locks for front and rear axle
Drum brakes.
Anti lock brake system
Leaf springs front and rear
Tires 365/80 R 20 Michelin XZL, tubeless
fuel tanks, capacity 106 U.S. gallons (400 liters) could be extended up to 800 litres
Fuel prefilter with water seperator
seats with air suspension, heatable

Self supporting sandwich plate panels of fibre glass composite.
Panel connections made by adhesive bond to custom extrusions eliminates metalic heat
conduction paths.
Wall thickness 2,40” (61 mm) with polyurethane foam insulation, reinforces polyester.
Dimension: 5.010 mm) x 2.300mm , inside height 1.950 mm

Entrance door and storage compartment doors:
entrance door and storage doors constructed of fibreglass composite plates and frames.
Thickness of doors 2,40” (61 mm) .
Double sealed doors with heavy duty locks
Stainless steel hinges throughout.
Additional retractable bolts at top and bottom of entrance door.
Safety cylinder locks all keyed alike

Burglarproof, scratchproof top hinged ACTION MOBIL-windows.
Double insulated thermal window glass.
special, high quality Shutters and moskito nets.
Technical equipment
Electrical equipment:
Custom control panel to control powermanagement and liquide storages.
Battery main switch, savety cutout, fault current breaker.
DC power supply by Gel-battery bank, automatic I-U regulated alternator and AC
automatic I-U shore charger with cell temperature sensing.
Battery capacity: 24 V 250 Ah
Alternator charge rate: 28 V 100 A
Shore charge rate: 28V 25 A
Inverter 24 V/230 V, max output 1.500 W
Power plugs for 12 V DC, 24 V and 230 V AC.
on request: Solar system 6 x 55 Watt
Water supply:
72 U.S. gallons (260 l)
5 U.S. gallons (22 l) l hot water-heat exchanger.
waste water tank, 37 U.S. gallons (140 liters) .
Water faucets in bath and kitchen are built due to highest household quality standards.
All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing.
exterior shower.
Water filtration system

LPG supply:
2 x 11kg gas bottles to be serviced from outside.
Porta Potti toilet with water flushing.
Heating system:
4 stage diesel powered warm water central heating (5 kW) High radiant heat share due
to radiators in living area and towel radiator in bath area.
22.200 lb. (10.000 kg).
Overall dimensions:
6.950 mm, width 2.300 mm, overall height 3550 mm

No parking space? Create your own with the Desert Challenger!

Stylish Interior

Have a master chef cook up some Wiener Schnitzel at the end your journey.

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