Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Live on the Edge: Hang Out at Norway's Troll's Tongue

Every year brave souls migrate to the Skjeggedal Valley in Odda, Norway to take a walk on the edge--namely the wedge of stone known as Trolltunga or the Troll's Tongue. Located 950 meters above sea level the sliver of rock that is the Tongue protrudes horizontally from the side of a mountain with nothing separating it from the pristine waters below. Making the walk across the rock may require some courage, but the gorgeous panorama of mountains and gorgeous water--not to mention the thrill--is definitely worth any risk or associated heart palpitations.

To get to the Troll's Tongue one must travel from Odda to Skjeggedal via Tyssedal. Once you arrive at the mountain you can either take the stairs or a set path up the first 950 meters, then hike the rest of the way on marked trails. In the past a funicular took visitors to the top of the mountain, making reaching the pinnacle quicker and much easier on the legs, but it is no longer operational. Before you make your way up to the Troll's Tongue be sure you've packed your camera with the rest of your gear--the view at the top is one you'll definitely want to document.

If you would prefer to stay in the area there are several cabins nearby owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association where you can stay overnight. The area of the Troll's Tongue is a gateway to the rest of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau and is a great beginning to longer hikes to destinations like the HĂ„rteigen mountain.

Norway is a country of immense natural beauty just waiting to be discovered, and there is no better way to maximize your time in the country than by renting a motorhome to travel in. If you like the Troll's Tongue you will also be interested in two of the country's other rock formations, Preikestolen (also in Odda) and Kjeragbolten. Odda (seen above) also boasts the Buarbreen glacier and the 165-meter high LĂ„tefossen waterfall, both of which are definitely worth visiting.

So while you might not want to drive your motorhome on to the Troll's Tongue, an RV is a great way to see Norway and the area around the magnificent mountain formation. For more information on a campervan rental visit Scandanavia Motorhome Rentals, then get ready to gather your courage and dangle your legs over the ledge.

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