Thursday, May 6, 2010

Retro Motorhoming - the RV from VW Bug Chassis

If you are tired the way the your old VW looks, why not convert it to a mini home? From rqriley website you can buy the blueprints to do just that!

Driving MiniHome is an addictive experience. Acceleration and cornering are much like the original VW. But one does have to negotiate a few trial turns in order to gain confidence in its roll stability. MiniHome is much more stable than it looks. After a few minutes behind the wheel, the pleasure of driving such a small vehicle, in comparison to other RVs, begins to take effect. MiniHome has the same nimble feel that Beetle owners have always enjoyed in their stock VWs. The only detriment is limited rear visibility, similar to that of many other RVs. Also, maximum speed is reduced about 10 mph, and fuel economy suffers slightly because of increased air resistance at highway speeds.
MiniHome is built like any other camper using 1 x 2 structural members covered with paneling on the inside and conventional corrugated skin on the outside. Click on the bottom image in the left margin to retrieve an exploded view rendering of MiniHome's construction. Construction costs should run about $1500, plus the cost of the VW. 
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