Tuesday, April 20, 2010

See the Northern Lights with RV Rental Canada

RV Rental Canada

Canada is a fantastic place to visit and far has more to offer than simply watching bears in the wilderness. Compared to the USA, gas prices are generally very affordable through most provinces - often less than half what you'd pay in the USA. Which makes it a great destination to explore in a campervan or by motorhome.

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It's not all snow and ice either -- Canada has warm, sunny summer months from May to September, with temperatures above 20C. There are beautiful sandy beaches, like the east coast's Prince Edward Island and there are even beaches in downtown Vancouver.

The major cities play host to a great range of nightlife, with festivals and events happening all year round. Edmonton, Alberta has over 30 major festivals, including folk music, Indy Car racing and rodeos. Best places for nightlife, dining and bohemian culture are the cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Summer is a great time to visit Canada’s gorgeous wilderness areas and see lakes, prairies, mountains, awe-inspiring national and provincial parks. Try outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan in particular are worth visiting in summer, when herds of Beluga whales gather in the Churchill River and the Hudson Bay; in early winter, it is simply the best place on Earth to watch polar bears. Tourism thrives in Drumheller,Alberta where there are deposits of fossils and dinosaur bones. And don't forget that in winter, you can check out the Northern Lights.

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Video: The Northern lights, filmed in British Columbia, Canada

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