Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The RV Centennial - 100 Years of RVing

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2010 marks the 100 year anniversary of RVing in the USA and the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is leading a year-long celebration, with events and promotions designed to highlight the history and future of RVing.

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The RV Centennial (http://www.rvcentennial.org) celebrates 100 years of exploration and innovation. The concept of RVing captures the pioneering spirit of settlers who drove through North America in covered wagons, but 1910 is the year it really started. Mass produced campers and trailers were first built in 1910 and are the predecessors of today’s RVs.

RV sales are on the up. After tumbling to 165,000 during the recession, total shipments are expected to hit 216,000 in 2010. Industry experts say those numbers are a good sign for those considering renting an RV for a vacation.

To celebrate the Centennial, RV historian and RVIA media spokesman David Woodworth has been touring the USA with two RVs -- a 2010 Fleetwood Discovery and a 1916 Model T complete with a sleeping/storage compartment known as a Telescope Apartment.

A huge party will be held by the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Ind. on June 7, during RVIA's 2010 Committee Week and Annual Meeting. For more - and downloadable RV Centennial logos and photos - check out http://www.rvcentennial.org.

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Video: David Woodworth discusses 100 Years of RVing

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