Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 practical things to know before travelling to New Zealand

Here are some great little tips take from THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO CAMPERVANNING IN NEW ZEALAND free ebook when you book a campervan with Camper van Hire Sale Finder.
  1. For emergency services – police, ambulance and fire – dial 111.
  2. You need a passport valid for three months after your departure date and fully paid tickets for your return, but you don’t need vaccination certificates or visas if you don’t intend to work. During your stay you’re covered by Accident Compensation including free medical care, although this doesn’t cover loss of earnings outside new Zealand. It’s still a good idea to get travel insurance.
  3. Electricity is using a three-pronged plug and is 230 volts, so American 110 volt items should not be used (the exception being electric shavers which often have special outlets). Adaptors can be purchased easily.
  4. Internet cafes are prolific in New Zealand, almost every small town will have at least one.
  5. New Zealand operates a decimal currency system based on dollar and cent denominations as follows:
    Single Coins: 10¢; 20¢; 50¢; 1$; 2$.
    Single Notes: $5; $10; $20; $50; $100
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