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Book RV Rental New York and see the Surrounding States

RV Rental New York
There's so much to see within driving distance of New York. For RV Rental New York go to

Check out Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Vermont, Pennsylvania and New Jersey from the comfort of an RV in a round trip beginning and ending in New York. Along the way try stopping off at some of the following places:
  • Mystic, Connecticut
  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • Portland, Maine
  • Lake Placid, New York
  • Niagara Falls, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey
This is by no means a comprehensive list -- there are plenty of popular places to choose from, both on and off the tourist trail. If you're in Maine, you could also try Boothbay Harbor in Lincoln County, where fishing and yachting have always been big attractions. To book RV Rental New York go to

Video: Review of an RV campground in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

See California and Nevada with RV Rental San Francisco

RV Rental San Francisco
RV-ing is a relaxing and affordable way to see California and Nevada -- for RV Rental San Francisco go to

You don't have to see the whole country in one go so take your time and plan to tour the USA in stages -- this way you can plan a new journey for your next vacation and you'll actually have time to see places and meet new people.

One popular RV vacation idea involves working your way down the Pacific Coast. Start off in San Francisco, head south and then east through Nevada to Las Vegas. Here are some stops to go for along the way:
  • Monterey -- a city noted for its rich history of resident artists, not to mention the annual Monterey Jazz festival. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a Federally protected ocean area extending 276 miles along the coast.
  • Carmel -- Clint Eastwood was Mayor here for a term during the 1980s and he liberated ice cream for the people of Carmel. An ordinance there forbade the selling and eating ice cream on public streets, so Eastwood's campaign used this as a platform and when he took office he overturned the ordinance. It would be a crying shame to go to Carmel and not have an ice cream. Liberty for all!
  • Big Sur -- writers and artists have often resided here, including Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac. Soak up the area and you might find yourself writing your own tome in the comfort of your RV.
From there, take on Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and think about visiting Disneyland at Anaheim or Legoland at Carlsbad. Then head to San Diego and Palm Springs before taking on Death Valley and you're on your way to Las Vegas.

To book your RV Rental San Francisco go to

Video: Cannery Row, Monterey, CA -- made famous in John Steinbecks' classic novel Cannery Row. Sites from the novel are preserved to this day

Go North To Alaska for RV Rental Anchorage

RV Rental Anchorage
Heading north to see the unspoiled beauty of Alaska? For RV Rental Anchorage go to

RV motor homes are a perfect way to see Alaska while riding in total comfort. And if you plan a round trip you can pick up and drop off your RV Rental in Anchorage.

Some of the sights you might want to take in:
  • Denali National Park -- located in Interior Alaska, this park contains Mount McKinley (Denali), the tallest mountain in North America. The word "Denali" means "the high one" in the native Athabaskan language and the park has an abundance of wildlife, including grizzly bears, black bears, caribou and moose.
  • Portage Glacier -- on the Kenai Peninsula, which extends from the southern coast of Alaska. This glacier is within the Chugach National Forest, located south of Portage Lake and just west of Whittier.
  • Seward, Alaska -- located in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. Seward is mainly a fishing town, although its other main industry is tourism. In other words, a great place to visit.
  • Russian River, Alaska -- famous for salmon fishing, with the season running in June and July.
For RV Rental Anchorage go to

Video: Everyone's fishing for salmon in the Russian River -- including the bears

Check out the Valley of Fire in your Las Vegas RV Rental

Las Vegas RV RentalIf you're vacationing in Las Vegas and want to take in some sightseeing, try a seven day round trip RV adventure. For Las Vegas RV Rental go to

While it's an easy day-trip to drive to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, there are plenty of other great stops to make, including:

Valley of Fire - Nevada's oldest State Park. Located just 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, the park contains formations of eroded sandstone and sand dunes more than 150 million years old. These features create the illusion of being on fire when reflecting the Sun's rays.

Bryce Canyon National Park - located in Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park consists of a dozen smaller ravines eroded into the east side of a ridge running roughly north-south at the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau in southwest Utah. You'll see thousands of strange rock formations, in many shades of pink, white, yellow and red, extending in quite a narrow band for over 25 miles.

Remember to check out the great deals on Las Vegas RV Rental at

Video: A crazy short film, set in the Valley of Fire, Nevada

Coast to Coast with California RV Rental

California RV Rental
Looking for ideas on where to head on your RV rental vacation? For California RV Rental go to

If you're thinking of driving coast to coast from California to Florida, here are a couple of facts and ideas:

The trip distance will vary according to your chosen route, but you're looking at around 4000 miles, so it's important to take it easy. Remember, keep your eyes on the road while driving and make frequent, planned stops -- you'll see more of the USA if you hop out of the vehicle! It's easy to rent an RV and drop it off at the destination, for example, starting your journey in Los Angeles, California and finishing up in Orlando, Florida.

Some places you may want to see along the way include Las Vegas, Nevada; the Grand Canyon in Arizona; Tombstone, Arizona; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Key West, Florida.

For California RV Rental go to

Video: RVing the Grand Canyon -- Sunset and Moonrise

Sunday, January 24, 2010

5 practical things to know before travelling to New Zealand

Here are some great little tips take from THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO CAMPERVANNING IN NEW ZEALAND free ebook when you book a campervan with Camper van Hire Sale Finder.
  1. For emergency services – police, ambulance and fire – dial 111.
  2. You need a passport valid for three months after your departure date and fully paid tickets for your return, but you don’t need vaccination certificates or visas if you don’t intend to work. During your stay you’re covered by Accident Compensation including free medical care, although this doesn’t cover loss of earnings outside new Zealand. It’s still a good idea to get travel insurance.
  3. Electricity is using a three-pronged plug and is 230 volts, so American 110 volt items should not be used (the exception being electric shavers which often have special outlets). Adaptors can be purchased easily.
  4. Internet cafes are prolific in New Zealand, almost every small town will have at least one.
  5. New Zealand operates a decimal currency system based on dollar and cent denominations as follows:
    Single Coins: 10¢; 20¢; 50¢; 1$; 2$.
    Single Notes: $5; $10; $20; $50; $100
So if you are looking for a great camper van hire deals in New Zealand and more good tips on this free guidebook, check out campervan hire sale finder new zealand.

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Motorhome Pictures now available to view on Flickr

Hello everyone - when you are planning your motorhome holiday - not only do you want to get all the facts and information, but you want to get a a preview of what your experience will be like.

We've create a Motorhome Holidays account at Flickr so you can see great motorhome pictures and things to do on your holiday.

So head on over to Flickr now and start visualising your dream RV Vacation!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rent a motorhome in Scandinavia

If you are looking to go off the beaten path in Europe, why not consider renting a motorhome in Scandinavia - there are some superb RV's for hire in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland now. Check out these great deals:

3% Early Bird Discount
Book with Touring Cars by February 28, 2010, you will receive 3% discount of your
daily rental rates.
More on this Motorhome rental special

Early Return Discount
If you return the rental vehicle on last day before 11:00 AM, Touring Cars grant
50 euro early return discount. This discount has to be requested upon booking.
More on this Motorhome Rental Special

One Way Specials 2010
Book with Touring Cars, Pick up in Helsinki and Drop off in Oslo
or Stockholm no later than June 14, 2010 and you will receive a flat low rate
for all vehicles. More on this Motorhome Rental Special

So if you are looking for Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Finland Motorhome Rentals, visit Scandinavia Motorhomes today!

MotorhomeRental.TV launches

G'day - we've launched a new site that will showcase our YouTube RV Rental Clips at Motorhome Rental TV. Hit the road with our presenters, Justin Brown and Rohan Marx as the discover great new locations around the world to drive your motorhome, rv or campervan!

Currently, we have our Australia and New Zealand videos there - but we will be adding videos from North America there shortly!

Motorhome Rental

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Book in January, Save big on RV Rental in the USA

There are some great deals to be found on RV Rental USA Sale Finder - for instance if you book a vehicle now in January - you can save up to 15% on selected vehicles!
Right now most suppliers have plenty of inventory for the peak booking seasons in the USA (which is May to September). Many USA suppliers are temporarily marking down there base rental rates to get reward early bookers for the 2010 RV'ing season

You find plenty of other rv specials ranging heavy discounts on 15+ days booking, free days available, one way rental rental deals, free kits and mileage.

Another note for international travellers - save yourself disappointment and book your motorhome before you book your flight to the USA. Unlike flights, motorhomes do not have the same flexibility and availability!

So click here for more information on USA Motorhome Rental

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Funny Motorhome Video from Holland

This is for a Dutch insurance company; it always pays to inspect your rv parking place before your park there!

If you are looking for Campervan Rental in Holland, check out our website!

Winter in Northern Hemisphere got you down? Find a Hot Aussie Campervan Rental deal to warm you up!

Its been a cold winter for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, so why not warm yourself with some hot Aussie Motorhome Rental Deals!

Book the Bargain Campers Tasmania 6 berth Family Motorhome and get 25% off the normal daily rate for every day of your rental that falls on 14 - 24 January 2010. Rental can continue until 15... read more
Valid from 14-Jan-2010 to 24-Jan-2010

Book the Energi Campers Tasmania 6 berth Family Motorhome and get 30% off the normal daily rate for every day of your rental that falls on 14 - 24 January 2010. Rental can continue until 15... read more
Valid from 14-Jan-2010 to 24-Jan-2010

Book an AutoRent Hertz 2-3 Berth Hi-Top Campervan for travel between 25th January and 17th February 2010 and get massive rate discounts. read more
Valid from 14-Jan-2010 to 17-Feb-2010

Book any Real Value vehicle 180 days prior to the start of your rental and get 5% off the base rental rates. read more
Valid from 08-Oct-2008 to 09-Oct-2017

Free Insiders Guide to your Australia Campervan Holiday

Its well know that Australia is one of the best places to see while driving - and no better way to see it than through a campervan or Motorhome. But planning your holiday this big ol' country can be difficult, thats why we've created a FREE insiders guide for you to download on our Campervan Hire Australia website. Just go to the homepage can click on the Free Guide!

Here the Table of Contents preview:
  • Map of Australia
  • Australian Geography 101
  • Australian History 101
  • Essential Aussie Basics
  • Driving on Australian Roads
  • Handling Your Campervan
  • Campervanning Basics
  • Crossing Bass Strait
  • Driving Distances
  • Invaluable Campervanning Tips
  • A Rundown of the Regions
  • What You Can Expect from the Weather
  • Wildlife
  • Aboriginal Australia
  • Getting to Know the Aussies
  • Aussie Tucker
  • Cheers!
  • 50 Fantastic Places to Visit!
  • Off the Beaten Track
  • Ten Best Beaches in Australia
  • Speaking “Strine”
  • Itinerary Ideas
  • Final Things to Think About

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