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Visit Kluane Lake Yukon with your Motorhome Rental

panoramic view of Kluane Lake in the Yukon by Gerry from Fort St. John, BC, Canada (wikimedia commons)

Ok its winter now in the Northern Hemisphere, so going to the Yukon might be the last place on your mind. However, its one of the most popular summer destinations for Canadians and you should consider booking your motorhome now to enjoy this northern slice of heaven!

Here's what Canada National Parks says about this gem in the Canada Wilderness:
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada covers an area of 21,980 square kilometres. It is a land of precipitous, high mountains, immense icefields and lush valleys that yield a diverse array of plant and wildlife species and provides for a host of outdoor activities. Kluane National Park and Reserve is also home to Mount Logan (5959 m/19,545 ft), Canada's highest peak.

As part of a larger system of national parks and historic sites, Kluane National Park and Reserve protects and presents a nationally significant example of Canada’s North Coast Mountains natural region and the associated regional cultural heritage.
Here's a map of the route from White Horse to Kluane Lake; its a about 3 to 4 hour drive in your Motorhome. Read more about planning your Kluane Lake Motorhome Holiday here.

View Kluane Lake in a larger map

If you are planning to book a motorhome to experience the great Canadian Yukon, book now to save the disappointment from the peak booking period in March 2011. If you are looking to get a deal on Whitehorse Motorhome Rental, check out

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Check out your New Zealand Campervan before you hire it!

If you are looking around for Campervan Hire in New Zealand, check out some of theses great video previews of Motorhomes you can rent in New Zealand!

If you are looking for more info on NZ Camper Hire, check out the the following links:

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A Motorhome Rental Alternative: Tonke's Retro Modern Campers

New and old merge in the retrofuturistic Tonke Campers. While many campervans and motorhome rentals are more about function than form, Tonke is a company that strives to incorporate both in their vehicles. According to Tonke's website they believe that "a good design is timeless. For that reason, when developing our campers, we look at classic beauties such as yachts and gypsy caravans. There is, however, nothing old-fashioned about the technical installations of our campers."

Indeed Tonke's campers are all about melding the old and new. Luxe wood panelling paired with a design that can be unpacked in just about 15 minutes (and with a vehicle that can be used without the camper, too). This Netherlands-based company makes campers attractive enough to use in your backyard as an office or guest house, but that are also a great option to take to the open road with.

Tonke has developed four different models of their functional camper. There is the Explorer 1--billed as "compact and adventurous"--with a sitting area that transforms into sleep space, a vertical garage, a shower and a kitchen. At night you can open the double doors and feel like you're sitting, or sleeping, directly under the stars with interior dimensions of 370 x 205 cm (about 145" x 80"). The Explorer 2 is also compact and easy to take on the road, but features a different layout than the 1. The Explorer 2 is built with comfort in mind and is for those not interested in hauling bikes with them. Basically, the space used for Explorer 1's vertical garage is used for living quarters here allowing for a permanent bed and living/dining space.

Add a vertical garage to the layout of Explorer 2 and you have the Fieldsleeper 1. The other main difference between the two is that the Fieldsleeper 1 does not feature clothes storage above the bed. The Fieldsleeper 2, meanwhile, is the Tonke flagship model. Space used for storage in the Fieldsleeper 1 is used for living here, making the Fieldsleeper 2 both expansive and comfortable with sleeping space for three.

Prices range from € 44.005 for the Explorer 1 (€ 74.005 for the Tonke Camper Explorer 1 with Renault Master 100 hp and AC) and € 46.980 for the Explorer 2 (€ 76.980 with the Renault Master 100 hp and AC) to € 51.740 for the Fieldsleeper 1 (€ 83.740 with VW airco 136 hp) and € 53.740 for a Fieldsleeper 2 (€ 85.740 with VW airco 136 hp).

Want roadtrip ideas for your motorhome rental or new Tonke Campervan? Check out MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com for tons of different routes, tips and ideas.

Artist Kevin Van Braak Brings Green to the Urban Jungle with His Campervan Design

Artist Kevin Van Braak loves nature, so much so that one of his latest projects is designed to bring nature to the city. Whereas many people turn to campervan rentals to take them to nature, Van Braak has rethought that arrangement. While the artist's plain white camper might look like any other when closed up and being towed behind a vehicle, it's something very different once opened.

For his latest project Van Braak transformed a 1976 Constructam Caravan into a little garden of his own. The artist cut the caravan in half so that when opened it lays flat, revealing a space of artificial grass, trees and woodland creatures that seats about 15. "I am interested in artificial landscapes - particularly with the Dutch landscape as a lot of it was reclaimed from the sea," Van Braak told the UK's Daily Mail. "I find that these days people go camping - wanting to be closer to nature but in the end the experience is artificial."

The artist's faux spread of grass can be used as a camping or picnic site and even comes with a barbecue that can be plugged into a generator. While the unit is up for sale no price has yet been named. Definitely a perfect purchase for those looking to bring some serene green into their concrete jungle.

If you prefer your nature real then head to MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com for route and motorhome rental roadtrip ideas in the great outdoors.

The Innovan: A Camper for Off Roading Adventurers

Are you ready for the new generation of functional and efficient motorhomes? While many take joy in spacious and comfortable, albeit it slightly bulky, campervan rentals others bent on adventure and off-roading want something a little easier to get around in. Enter the Innovan, a new camper that is tough and lightweight, with a fibreglass shell, which makes it well suited to varied number of travel needs. The unique, versatile and, yes, expensive design came about when Welby Davidson of Toowoomba, Queensland and his wife Marg developed a prototype to fit their own adventurous needs.

"The interest it created was so amazing that we decided to go into production," Davidson told Gizmag. Fortuitously, Davidson's son is an industrial designer who then "gave the camper a more efficient aerodynamic shape and came up with a range of ideas to better integrate its amenities.” Once completed the new and improved design underwent rigorous testing--we're talking over 20,000 kilometres on tough terrain like the Simpson Desert and Fraser Island.

The Innovan is built to sleep two (choose between a single or queen bed) and can feature amenities like a shower, TV, water tanks, a refrigerator and indoor/outdoor kitchenettes. Designed to be aerodynamic during transit--the shape and lightness of the materials used help to prevent wind drag, a common problem with campervans--the Innovan is said to open up in 30 seconds. Keeping the Innovan light and easy to maneuver also means that it's a camper that can be brought into just about any type of terrain. Another great feature of the Innovan trailer is the airbag suspension.

"With the airbags fitted, I don’t even need extendable legs," Mr. Davidson explains. "I drive the rig onto a flat surface, attach a set of legs and lock them in place before deflating the airbag suspension to drop the chassis and tray. Then I just drive away from under the Innovan before reinflating the Nissan’s air bags. To reload the camper I simply reverse the procedure. At river and creek crossings I maximise the vehicle’s clearance by inflating the airbag suspension. I also raise it when negotiating deeply rutted tracks or in rocky, off-road conditions."

Innovan is currently looking for worldwide distributors and sells four camper models in Australia that range from the Trader ($20,000 AUD or about $15,000 USD) to the Voyager ($35,000 AUD or about $19,000 USD). The Innovan campers are creating such a buzz because they are versatile (fitting into a modified dual and king cab chassis or tray-back ute), lightweight and just perfect for those who want to take their camper off the beaten track.

Want ideas on routes for your Innovan camper roadtrip? Visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com now!

For more photos of the Innovan visit Gizmag.Com.

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A New Generation Motorhome Rental? Meet the Frugal "Micro Home"

Forget oversized RVs or a motorhome rental that can fit a whole family, this tiny home designed by Michael Janzen is all about being compact while still remaining functional. This tiny home is Janzen's "experiment in searching for the lowest common denominator in will also be a showcase for frugality, simplicity, and sustainable living." Which, in these hard economic times, is certainly a breath of fresh air.

The mini cabin as imagined by Janzen is just large enough to work (nine square feet to be exact) and the design, despite being small, includes everyday essentials like a kitchen, toilet and shower. According to Janzen's Nine Tiny Feet site, all about his "Nine Foot Square Micro House," he is even looking to make the design more lightweight and compact to the point where he's hoping it can be pulled by a bicycle.

How does Janzen do it, you ask? The main idea behind this tiny, frugal home is that everything has its place and that most amenities are put away when not in use. It's not surprising that a surplus of clutter has no place in a house like this.

The mini cabin includes a floor drain for the shower, a vented sawdust toilet and a 12-volt solar electric system that runs on batteries and solar energy. The large windows help the space from feeling too cramped. In a nod to all that is green the mini cabin is pretty much self-sustaining and even includes provisions for capturing rainwater.

If you've ever dreamed of having a home that was economical, environmentally friendly and pretty much off the grid then Michael Janzen's micro house is just the ticket. If, however, you need a bit more space, or your family is bigger than one, head over to MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com for great deals on motorhome rentals near you.

Design Diagrams via Nine Tiny Feet

Great Surprises in Undiscovered Slovenia -- Perfect for a Campervan Rental Vacation!

If you're planning a motorhome rental roadtrip in Europe and find yourslef tired of the usual suspects--Italy, France, Spain--and the recently hot tourist spots like Croatia and the Czech Republic then you might want to consider Slovenia. While few know much about the small country, population 2 million, even less have actually visited. A mix of pristine natural beauty (Jessica Bezuindenhout's recent article in the South African Times quoted a local guide that stated that 60% of Slovenia is covered in forest), history, architecture, and culture will meet you when you land in Slovenia.
We're talking a country blessed with a Mediterranean coastline and gorgeous Alps with only a couple of hundred kilometeres drive between them. There are castles (Predjama Castle is perched on a vertigo-inducing cliff), dense woods and caves at Postojna. In capital Ljubljana you can visit its castle and museums as well as the hip Preseren Square before travelling on to the charming area of Bled.

Slovenia is beautiful, relatively safe and extremely affordable for Europe--especially considering the country borders Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. Plus, there is great food and even better shopping. While the drive in your campervan rental from one side of the country to the other might not take long, stopping and discovering all of Slovenia's treasures just might.

For more information on great RV rental deals as well as tips on planning your Slovenia motorhome rental roadtrip visit

Photo 1 - Nova Gorica by Johann Jaritz (via Wikimedia Commons)
Photo 2 - Ljubljana by Husond (via Wikimedia Commons)
Photo 3 - Kranj by Mihael Grmek (via Wikimedia Commons)

Tailgaters Turning to Comfort and Ease of RVs and Motorhome Rentals

Football is a national pastime in the United States and tailgaiting, the parking lot party before kickoff, has become something of a phenomenon. In many cases the tailgate party even eclipses the game for some fans who gather for hours, and sometimes days, before the game in the stadium parking lot to eat, drink and party. The latest trend in tailgating, according to The San Francisco Chronicle, is using RVs and motorhome rentals instead of cars and SUVs. Not only do these vehicles ensure increased comfort, but they also make travelling to out of town games much easier for fans.

According to the newspaper, "serious football fans, including Family Motor Coach Association members, realize that the best way to bring the party to the parking lot is in a motorhome...
Today's savvy tailgaters come prepared to put out a feast fit for an offensive line, with a variety of meats sizzling on the grill, chili simmering in a Crock-Pot, and all types of side dishes and munchies spread upon the tables. Not surprisingly, a growing number of these enthusiasts have discovered that the best vehicle to accommodate their mobile parties is a motorhome."

Not only do RVs and motorhome rentals allow for easier and comfortable cooking, eating and sleeping, they also solve that niggling problem of the bathroom (much more of an issue for female fans, admittedly). Just think of the improvements over a regular car from electricity to storage and, really, one can't even begin to compare a fridge to a cooler. This trend has gained such momentum that many motorhome associations even have groups dedicated solely to tailgating.

If you're looking to grab a beer and grill up a steak at a tailgate near you in your own motorhome rental then head to for some great deals and USA motorhome roadtrip ideas.

Photo by Ben Vardi via Wikimedia Commons

Take Your Motorhome Rental to the Yukon

The sign leading into the Yukon reads Larger Than Life and, as anyone who has gone RVing in the Yukon can tell you, this is quite true. Not only is the Yukon vast geographically-speaking--and just calling out for a motorhome rental roadtrip--but there is something special about visiting a place so naturally beautiful. The Yukon boasts imposing mountains, sparkling lakes and an endless supply of trees, a showcase of nature that makes one realize how small we are in comparison to the vast world around us. And while vacationing in the Yukon is perfect for reflection the area also offers a myriad of things to do for those who enjoy outdoor sports like fishing and hiking.

If you're looking to reach the Yukon from southern Canada then the easiest way to get there is via the Stewart-Cassiar or Alaska highways. And while many travel through the Yukon to reach Alaska don't miss the opportunity to discover this gorgeous part of the world along the way. Just one great place to stop and discover is the Yukon's Dawson City, a perfect city for RVers to stop in. Here you will find wonderful restaurants, museums and lots of options for day trips. Many people have reported not only spending days or weeks but a month in this area.

The Yukon has many RV Parks, many of which belong to the Good Sam Club and offer discounts for those staying for several nights. Keep in mind that boondocking is difficult in the Yukon and there are not many legal places to spend the night in your RV (other than the above pay RV parks, Yukon Territorial Campgrounds and the Wal-Mart in Whitehorse). Also, because it doesn't get dark in the summer it's even harder to try to get away with overnighting in some areas. You also need to keep in mind that a lot of roads in the Yukon are rough and difficult to maneuver. To save your motorhome rental be sure to slow down and enjoy the scenery around you.

For more information about planning your Yukon RV rental roadtrip visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

Photo 1 by Zoop via Wikimedia Commons
Photos 2 by Dave Bezaire and Susi Havens-Bezaire via Wikimedia Commons

Follow Oprah's Lead and Visit Yosemite in a Campervan Rental

Oprah Winfrey is the type of woman who can choose any kind of vacation she wants, but on a recent getaway with best friend Gayle King the talk show queen chose camping in Yosemite National Park, a perfect destination for a motorhome rental road trip. Oprah and Gayle have shared other exciting adventures in the past--including an 11 day road trip--and filmed this particular trip for Oprah's daytime show. Lady O decided to visit Yosemite, and spotlight the joys of camping, when park ranger Shelton Johnson brought it to her attention that a very small number of campers are African-Americans. According to "out of the 280 million tourists who come [to Yosemite], just 1 percent are African-American."

Determined to spread the word among the African-American community and beyond, Oprah and Gayle headed to Yosemite where they stayed in a camper. With Sheldon's guidance Oprah and Gayle explored the beauties of Yosemite including the Giant Grizzly (not a bear, but a huge sequoia tree), Mairposa Grove and Tunnel View (right). While Oprah struggled to cook a meal of sea bass and potatoes on a fire those with a motorhome rental would find it much easier to cook whatever they pleased in their RV. The following day the friends tried their hands at fly fishing, socialized with others in the park and went horseback riding, just a sample of the things available for those who visit Yosemite.

For more information about planning your own RV rental road trip visit MotorhomeRoadtip.Com.

Photos Courtesy of Oprah.Com

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New Back Roads Travel Series Ideal Guides for Your RV Rental Vacation

The great thing about motorhome rental road trips is that the possibilities--where to go and what to see--are really endless. While the freedom of the open road is a great thing it can also present problems when trying to plan an itinerary for your vacation. Even once you've narrowed down what country you'd like to travel to the question of where to go, what drives to take, and just what sights to see, remain and narrowing them down can be quite the task. Now a new set of travel guides, Eyewitness Travel's Back Roads, is looking to help you make some choices and plan your next road trip.

The initial offering includes guides for Ireland, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain with an Australian edition set to be published soon. These guides are written by experts in the travel field who have lived in the places they write about. What you get is a guide of road trips that range from one to seven days and while some include the usual tourist draws many are all about unique activities, off-the-beaten-track destinations and authentic experiences that will help you to see the country as a "native." The guides not only have detailed suggestions for stops and restaurants, but also a pull out map to help you plan your motorhome rental road trip. Also, if you're an iPhone or iPad user DK Eyewitness Travel has teamed up with Coolgorilla to bring their guides right to your phone.

If you'd like advice and ideas on planning a campervan rental road trip to any of the above destinations and many more, plus great deals on an RV rental, then head to MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

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Australia's "Grey Nomad" Brigade on the Rise, Join Them in Your RV Rental Now

Australia is one of those countries that cries out to be discovered by a motorhome rental. It's the kind of land that is best discovered at your own pace, abandoning yourself to the open road with your RV rental pointed in whatever direction you wish. Of course, the length and breadth of the land means that it's difficult for those with jobs or young children to fully explore in one vacation--or even two or three--which is likely why a growing number of retired Australians are hitting the road to fulfil their dreams of seeing their beautiful country on wheels.

In a recent Sydney Morning Herald article a retired Aussie couple named Ray and Lorraine Gardner detail their new, relaxed lifestyle. They spend about six months a year now in their RV. ''It's just the freedom of being able to travel around the great country we live in,'' Mr. Gardner, who bought his motorhome in 2005, told the newspaper. The couple--like so many other older, retired Australians that make up the so-called "Grey Nomads"-- can do what they wish, when they wish, with no timetable holding them back. And all this without ever really having to "rough it."

The RV boom in Australia is showing no signs of slowing down. According to the SMH article, Richard Raven, of the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia, explained that in 2010 the number of RVs manufactured in Australia will likely reach 24,000. That number is 5,000 more than has ever been manufactured in any other year. According to Mr. Raven ten percent of this 24,000 is said to be motorised vehicles, while the other 90% are campervans and caravans. There is also a wait list for several models and a great number of those purchasing these vehicles are older Australians. Which means if you're looking to purchase an RV yourself, you might not be able to get your hands on one as quickly as hoped. If this is the case then why not consider a motorhome rental for the time being? That way you can determine whether life on the open road, and sleeping in one of Australia's 200,000 sites and 2,500 RV parks, is really for you.

If you'd like more information on great RV rental deals, as well as helpful details on planning your Australian motorhome roadtrip visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

1. Photo by Louis Roving via Wikimedia Commons
2. Photo by Chewy M via Wikimedia Commons

An Alternative to the Motorhome Rental: Most's Futuria Sport+Spa -- The Uber Luxurious RV

The new generation of RVs is here and it's called the Futuria Sport+Spa, manufactured by Germany's Most Mobile Specials. Not everyone is content to hit the road in a motorhome rental, so for those looking to own their recreational vehicle Most has created one that is decidedly top of the line--complete with top of the line price tag: €153,952 for the trailer alone. If you want the whole enchilada complete with semi-trailer then you're looking at €657,413. So what do you get for this whopping amount? Read on to find out.

Much like most luxury motorhome rentals the Futuria Sport+Spa comes with a berth, including two single beds, and a living area. The Futuria's living area features a circular-shaped leather couch that sits 10, air conditioning, a powerful sound system, illumination under the floors and a fog machine. Don't forget the two LCD monitors, coffee machine, sink, fridge and microwave; pretty much anything you'd need to make life in the Futuria comfortable. Even more impressive the Futuria has a rooftop terrace deck complete with a 550l whirlpool with pulsators, LED lights and jet nozzles. Oh, and did we mention the waterfall?

If you're a sportscar enthusiast and would like to take your car with you on the open road then you'd have no fear when it came to the Futuria. There is a specially built compartment, with a mirrored ceiling, just for your car. The actual Futuria's driver's cabin is built as aerodynamically as possible with an air suspended driver's seat and a pivoting bed built into the ceiling to save room.

So what do you think? Is the Futuria for you? If not you can find great information on reasonable motorhome rentals as well as great RV roadtrips at MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

Photos and video courtesy of Futuria.Net

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Part 2: Vermont Fall Foliage Drives for Your Motorhome Rental Roadtrip

Part Two of our Vermont Fall Foliage Drives Series features five more great routes, as outlined by Vermont Living Magazine, that will help you make the most of your fall New England RV rental trip.

6. Ski Mountain Tour - Looking for miles and miles of beautiful fall leaves as far as the eye can see? This route definitely delivers. If you take this drive in your motorhome rental you will pass three of Vermont's famous ski resorts (Sugarbush, Killington and Okemo) and their majestic mountains. The town of Chester is a great place to stop for some good food and great atmosphere. Once a hub of rail travel the farm town is now dotted with quaint restaurants and shops. This roadtrip begins in the town of Burlington where you'll take Route 100 south passing the ski resorts. Route 103 will take you right into Chester.

7. Molly Stark Trail - This trail is also known by the name Route 9, which will lead you across the southern part of Vermont where it touches the borders with New Hampshire and New York. Although short this drive offers lots to see, from the gorgeous natural beauty of your surroundings to some great architecture in the towns along the way like Bennington, Brattleboro, Woodford, Searsburg and Wilmington. Take note that Molly Stark State Park is now closed.

8. The Green Mountain View - Not surprisingly given the name you'll see a lot of the Green Mountains on this drive in your motorhome. Starting off in the state capital of Montpelier take Route 12 to Northfield Falls, where you'll find some historic covered bridges. Keep on Route 12 and you will pass the towns of Bethel and Woodstock (you may want to stop to take a look at the Quechee Gorge). Take Route 4 on to Killington where you can park and take a gondola ride high above the ground--a great way to see the changing leaves from above, although these don't run all year. Once you're done in Killington you will want to head onto Route 100 to Hancock before taking Route 125 on to Granville and Middlesex and then back to Montpelier.

9. Mount Snow - The main attraction of this route is Mount Snow itself, which can be reached by heading north on Route 100 from Wilmington (the starting point). At the ski resort you can opt to ride to the top of the mountain to catch a great aerial view of the gorgeous scenery below.

10. Champlain Smorgasbord - Starting in the quaint village of Cambridge you can drive your motorhome rental north towards Enosburg Falls. Enroute you will get to enjoy a myriad of different scenery options from green hills and mountains to covered bridges, small villages and islands. Once you've taken Route 108 from Cambridge to Enosburg Falls the road will change to Route 105, which you can take west until you come to the meeting point of Routes 105 and 78. If you turn onto Route 78 it will take you directly to the picturesque Champlain Islands. If you would like to explore this area further opt for Route 2, which will take you right through the villages here (Alburg, South Hero and Grand Isle, respectively). Get back on Route 78 until you are out of the island region and then drive back to Essex Junction by Route 2A where you can get Route 15 to take you to Cambridge.

If gorgeous and peaceful natural beauty is what you're looking for in a fall RV rental roadtrip then look no further than picturesque Vermont. Choose one of the ten routes outlined in this series or make up one of your own--the best part of having your own motorhome is the ability to go where you please and stop where you want. For more information about motorhome rentals and roadtrips in Vermont visit MotorhomeRoadTrip.Com.

Photo 1 by Chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons
Photo 2 by Skeezix1000 via Wikimedia Commons

Part 1: Vermont Fall Foliage Drives for Your Motorhome Rental Roadtrip

Mountains and shimmering lakes are intertwined with rolling green hills and charming villages in New England as a whole and in Vermont specifically. If you're looking to take your RV rental on a drive though the gorgeous Vermont foliage this fall don't fret, we have the first five of 10 Great Drives that you can take in the area--courtesy of Vermont Living Magazine--to make the most of your trip:

1. South Vermont Loop - This is the so-called "Gateway to Vermont," and to discover it you will need to drive your motorhome rental from Route 7A at Manchester Center south. This route takes you all the way into Massachusetts before doubling back to the Manchester Depot again via Route 7 north from Bennington. A sidetrip to the Somerset Reservoir is recommended. This tour through Bennington and Windham counties will take you through historical towns like Manchester, Sunderland and Arlignton and will also give you the chance to glimpse the imposing Mount Equinox if you so choose.

2. The Northeast Kingdom - If you want the "real Vermont," complete with traditional farms, then this is the route for you. Start off in your motorhome rental in the town of St. Johnsbury where you will set off along Route 2 east, travelling along the Connecticut River, until you reach Route 102, which you take north to Bloomfield. This route passes through towns like Newport, North Troy and Lowell and on the way you can enjoy the changing fall leaves. To get back to St. Johnsbury take Route 15 from Hardwick to West Danville and then head down Route 2, which will take you back to the beginning. If you enjoy outdoor sports like fishing then the Northeast Kingdom route is one you shouldn't miss.

3. Five Covered Bridges - If you love covered bridges in addition to your multi-coloured leaves then this is certainly the motorhome rental drive for you. Travel along Route 109 where the first three bridges will appear in Waterville. Back on Route 109 head to Back Road. Here you will find two more bridges before you reconnect with the main highway again. The covered bridges you can discover along this route are a distinct reminder of Vermont's rich past and the tolls once taken to construct these covered structures in past centuries.

4. Western Loop - Another great option for gorgeous scenery as you drive through towns and country in your RV rental is Vermont's Western Loop. This trail starts at Rutland, a town founded in 1770 near the Green Mountains, where you take Route 4 east until you merge with Route 100A at Bridgewater Corners. Following the directions of this drive will also take you through Wallingford, Pawlet and Hubbardton. The final stop is Brandon where you can take Route 7 to Proctor before hopping on Route 3 back to the starting point in Rutland.

5. Stowe-Morrisville Loop - In this area you will find Stowe Mountain, a ski resort, which is about a forty minute drive from Burlington International Airport and 205 miles from Boston. In the fall the changing leaves in this area can be enjoyed along with a bustling nightlife and restaurant scene in Stowe, which can be reached by taking Vermont I-89 to Waterbury then exiting on Route 100 into the village. Continuing on take Mountain Road to Route 108 northwest, which will take you to Smuggler's Notch and then Jeffersonville. To head to the village of Morrisville (be sure to check out the confederate bell at the Morristown Advent Church) take Route 15 and when you're ready to return to Stowe Village just steer your RV rental back onto Route 100.

For more information on New England roadtrips visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

Photo 1 by Timothy Dexter via Wikimedia Commons
Photo 2 by Chensiyua via Wikimedia Commons

Discover Louisbourg, Cape Breton in a Rental RV

Nova Scotia's Cape Breton is an island of abundant natural beauty just crying out for a motorhome rental roadtrip. In fact, the province has actually divided the island up into five helpful routes for RV drivers to choose from. At the point where the Fleur-de-lis and Marconi Trails meet you will find the quaint, seaside city of Louisbourg, a favourite destination for many RV renters who enjoy the town for its charm, beaches and culture.

One such couple of avid RVers are Hal Thiessen and Coralie Bornais of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who have returned to Louisbourg every year since discovering it on a trip to Cape Breton ten years ago. According to The Cape Breton Post "each year they arrive in September and stay at the Louisbourg Motorhome RV Park, attending 25 playhouse shows in one season plus a few running in conjunction with the Celtic Colours International Festival." While the music of the place and the cultural draw of the 17th century Louisbourg Playhouse (modelled on Shakespeare's Globe Theatre) brings the couple back again and again they are not the only benefits to parking your motorhome rental in Louisbourg. Just think of the beaches you can visit, hikes you can take, delicious food waiting to be eaten and historical sites, like the Louisbourg National Historical Site, that you can discover.

"By and large our musical desires are satisfied right here because for one month we have nothing but different entertainment and good entertainment,” Thiessen tells the newspaper. While Bornais chimes in with high praise of his own: "We have so much love for this island. You have no idea how fortunate you are to have such a wealth of talent.” For those looking for a great cultural experience in Canada look no further than Louisbourg, Cape Breton where natural beauty and quaint charm is married to a thriving artistic scene making the town a great stop on a Nova Scotia roadtrip or a perfect destination all on its own.

For more information on great Canadian motorhome rental deals visit HalifaxRVRental.

Image by Aconcagua (Wikimedia Commons)

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Part Two: Fall RV Rental Road Trips in Ontario

In Part Two of our guide to some great autumn road trips in Ontario we offer two more RV rental routes that will allow you to enjoy the changing colours and natural beauty of the province.

Road Trip 3 - Brockville to Athens

What better place to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Ontario than along the St. Lawrence? Steer your motorhome rental towards Brockville where you can embark on a trip that will take you from the city that was once the stomping ground of Canada's rich and famous to Athens, a quaint town famous for its outdoor murals.

Brockville - A city of just over 20,000 Brockville is made up of dignified public buildings carved out of limestone that lend a certain charm and sophistication to the town. Some time back the rich flocked to Brockville and it is said that there was a point when there were more millionaires here than anywhere else in the country. In Brockville you can enjoy the town's very New England-esque town square, one of the only ones in Canada, as well as various festivals throughout the year.

Prescott - Located on the water the town of Prescott was founded in 1810 and continues to celebrate its storied history. Visit historical homes and museums, like the Fort Wellington National Historic Site and the Battle of the Windmill, as well as the beautiful waterfront where you can participate in swimming and other sports.
Athens - This quaint town is easily navigated and known for it's outdoor murals. Explore historic buildings and local shops at this stop.

Road Trip 4 - Barrie and Orillia

The beautiful Horseshoe Valley area offers great skiing in the winter months and beautiful views in the fall. Take your motorhome rental on a drive through Barrie, the Valley and onto Orillia where you can enjoy nature and a stop at the casino.

Barrie - If fall colours are what you're looking for then Barrie is a perfect city to include along your drive. Not only does this robust town offer many options for shopping and eating, but along the way you'll be able to marvel at the changing leaves and sloping landscape.

Horseshoe Valley - The heart of this area is tucked between Craighurst and Orillia and can be reached from Barrie by taking Highway 400. A dazzlingly beautiful resort area you can enjoy nature as well as quaint local shops and outdoor sports.

Orillia - To reach Orillia take Highway 12 in Jarratt and drive your RV rental East towards Orillia. The city of Orillia not only offers more gorgeous fall vistas, but also many activities and entertainment options. The area draws thousands of visitors for its modern casino where a chilly fall day can easily be passed inside. To return to Barrie from Orillia just take Highway 11 South. If you want better views along your drive, however, it's recommended that you choose Old Barrie Road instead.

For information on great RV rental deals and more ideas for Ontario road trips visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

1. Fall Photo by Jok2000 via Wikimedia Commons.
2. Brockville Courthouse by Vincebrockvlog via Wikimedia Commons.
3. Orillia Waterfront by P199 via Wikimedia Commons.

Part One: Fall RV Rental Road Trips in Ontario

Crisp autumn air, the beautiful colours of changing leaves, wide expanses of rural roads and abundant wildlife--this is Ontario in the autumn, a perfect time to hop in an RV rental and discover this diverse Canadian province. From the fishing village of Port Stanley to Beaver Valley, Ontario offers many options for those looking to hit the open road this fall. Read on for some great Ontario road trip ideas for this autumn:

Road Trip 1 - Parks and Port Towns Along Lake Erie

Dotted along the shores of Lake Erie are a myriad number of fishing villages that include the beachy hamlet of Port Stanley. This area also boasts great provincial parks that in autumn are full of vibrant yellows and oranges and are also ideal places for those who want to incorporate birdwatching with their motorhome rental vacation.

Holiday Beach - Just south of Windsor and directly opposite the Detroit border you will find Holiday Beach Conservation Area. Here you can lunch outdoors or climb the wooden watch tower that offers simply dazzling views of Big Creek Marsh and the birds in the area. Pull off the road in nearby Kingsville to make a stop at Pelee Island Winery for some samples to warm the autumn chill from your bones.

Leamington - The area's Point Pelee National Park is one of the smallest in Canada, but nonetheless attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Famous for its migrating butterflies in the fall, the park is also full of the diverse plant and animal life that is characteristic of Canada's Carolinian region. The park boasts over 70 different types of trees alone in addition to marshes and beaches just waiting to be explored. Whether you're looking for relaxation or hiking Pelee has something to offer you. If you like you can also enjoy the sunset over nearby Wheatley Harbour.

Port Stanley - The drive from Point Pelee to Rondeau National Park is one of the prettiest in the province, although the majority of the landscape is indeed flat. Rondeau offers many of the same characteristics as Pelee and it is totally up to you whether you would like to stop and explore. If not point your motorhome rental directly towards the popular fishing town of Port Stanley where white sand beaches, cozy restaurants and a small number of great boutiques are waiting for you.

Port Stanley is the ideal spot to stay overnight for a day or two, or three, depending on your timeline. Not only is there the charming village to explore, but you can also head just east of town to Hawk Cliff, a bluff that faces the waters below. Here you can take a moment to enjoy gorgeous natural panoramas and also look upwards to spot many different types of birds including hawks. Visit Kettle Creek and the historic King George VI lift bridge.

While on your motorhome rental drive think about stopping in Port Burwell, another of Lake Erie's waterside towns, with its lighthouse that dates back to the 1800s. Another great place for views and birdwatching is Long Point and its Bird Observatory.

Roadtrip 2 - Beaver Valley to Owen Sound

Take to Country Road 13 in your RV rental to discover the autumnal beauty of the Beaver Valley area. Here each curve and dip in the road exposes another gorgeous element of fall in Ontario's river valleys.

Flesherton to Eugenia - Begin your drive in this small town at Highway 10 and Grey Road 4 and head for Grey Road 13 to Eugenia. In this small hamlet nature lovers can explore the Eugenia Falls Conservation Area, which includes the 80-foot drop where the Beaver River disappears into the valley that lies below. If you're a hiker there are numerous trails that will allow you to walk along gorges and immerse yourself in vibrant fall hues. When you hit the road again think about stopping at Beaver Valley Lookout, a great spot for photos. You can also enjoy the sight of the Old Baldy escarpment ridge in nearby Kimberley.

Heathcote to Thornbury - Heathcote is a town full of apple orchards and it's worth a stop at The Farmer's Pantry where you can pick your own. Kids also love to check out the farm animals at this stop. Pass through Clarksburg to get to Thornbury, a beautiful town on the water. Turn right where Grey Road 13 ends at Highway 26 to reach a dam where, if your timing is right, you can see fish climbing to their spawning grounds. This direction will also lead you to the harbour along the river.

Meaford - Highway 26 will lead you directly to the quaint town of Meaford an area full of apple orchards. If you're planning on hitting this spot in the fall be sure to look ahead to see if your visit coincides with any of the many local harvest festivals. You can enjoy the harbour and many parks in town as well as Epping Lookout, which offers a great view of the changing colours of the Beaver Valley.

Walters Falls to Owen Sound - Drive through escarpment and gravel before finding Walters Falls where the twin waterfalls are the main draw as well as the historic village. To get to Owen Sound you will pass through picturesque towns like Bognor, Annan and the historic village on Paynter's Bay called Leith, which is where the famous Canadian landscape painter Tom Thomson was born. Spend a day at Hibou Conservation Area enjoying this edge of wilderness along Georgian Bay.

Activities in Owen Sound are varied and include Harrison Park, many shops, restaurants and art galleries, and Inglis Fall Conservation Area. To head back to Flesherton, where you started, go south on Highway 6 and 10 and turn left onto Highway 10 at Chatsworth.

For more information on great Canadian motorhome rental deals and Ontario road trips visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

1. Fall Photo by Kropsoq via Wikimedia Commons
2. Point Pelee by Quozl via Wikimedia Commons
3. Beaver Valley by W-Van via Wikimedia Commons

Moose Sightings on Your RV Rental Vacation

If you're looking to spot a majestic moose on your motorhome rental roadtrip then head to Route 3, the road that will take you from Pittsburg, New Hampshire to the border with Canada. The chances of seeing a moose leisurely crossing this road is quite high--they don't call this stretch "Moose Alley" for nothing. If your RV roadtrip includes discovering New Hampshire's Great North Woods in the state's northernmost city of Pittsburg then you'll be perfectly positioned to do some moose watching of your own.

If you do plan to drive your campervan rental through Moose Alley be sure to heed the signs and always exert caution on roads where the large animals are likely to cross. Mind the speed of your RV rental and if it's a photo your looking for pull over fully before snapping your shots. If you're eager to spot a moose of your own remember the best times to do so are either early morning or at dusk.

If you're a moose lover and happen to be in Maine you will also want to keep your eyes open for an animal legend that has drawn many people to the state, including the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters and The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). According to Cryptomundo the mythic moose is "a 2,500-pound enigma that’s maybe roamed the woods here for 100-plus years..he’s white or dirty gray, twice normal size and typically just a bit too far from any gun’s reach or so swift he disappears in a blink." Sighting Maine's Mystery Moose on your RV rental vacation would be quite a story indeed.

For more information on great RV rental deals and New England motorhome vacations visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

Photo by John J. Mosesso via Wikimedia Commons

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Discover New Zealand's Gorgeous South Island by Motorhome Rental

If you've ever dreamed of taking to the open road to experience the raw nature of a particularly beautiful country then you have a lot in common with Kate Rew, whose book Wild Swim is all about a motorhome vacation she took to New Zealand's South Island. "One campervan, two friends, three weeks, four feet on the dashboard and a cold beer when we pulled up at night," is the getaway as Rew describes it in The Guardian. This kind of unstructured voyage of discovery is the type of vacation that just calls out for a motorhome rental as your means of transportation. With your own RV rental you can go at your own pace, stopping when you please to explore your areas of choice. If New Zealand is your destination you can expect rainforests and wildlife, cold rivers and pristine streams, as well as acres and acres of stars.

New Zealand's South Island is the larger of the country's two main islands, although less populated than the North Island. Often referred to as the "Mainland," this area is rich with natural beauty from gorgeous sandy beaches to breathtaking mountain peaks. Here you can indulge in everything from adventure tourism and whale watching to hiking and skiing. You can fly into cities like Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin where you can pick up your campervan rental to start your voyage. Head to Kaikoura, Fiordland National Park, Westland National Park, Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, Abdel Tasman National Park or the Marlborough Sands, all of which rank among the Top 10 tourist destinations in the whole of New Zealand.

As for Kate Rew, the author recalls of her own South Island vacation, "We set off with a monumental greed to experience New Zealand's wild places, to spend as much time as possible in the non-human world...We wanted to swim with dolphins and fur seals, wake to the piping of bellbirds, hear trees sigh and flightless birds shuffle. In elemental form, the route was dolphins – backcountry – mountains – stars – rainforest." Rew's motorhome rental drove the roads between Christchurch and Kaikoura to the marine reserves of Picton, the Marlborough Sands and Abel Tasman before turning back along the west coast towards Mount Cook and ending in the city of Queenstown where Rew embarked on a three-day hike through the rainforest.

If you would like to experience a nature-rich getaway like the one enjoyed by Kate Rew then head to New Zealand Motorhome Roadtrip to find out more about New Zealand campervan rentals and vacationing on the South Island.

1. Steffen Hillebrand via Wikimedia Commons
2. David Shapinksy via Wikimedia Commons

Karijini National Park a Perfect Destination for Your Australia Campervan Rental Vacation

Australia's back country features countless roads, national parks and attractions that are ideal for those embarking on a campervan rental vacation. If this is the type of getaway you're planning then you might want to consider pointing your motorhome rental directly towards Karijini National Park. While this park isn't easily reached--you can catch flights from Sydney and Perth to the nearby towns Karratha and Paraburdoo, which are 397 and 100 kilometres away from Karijini, respectively--what you find when you get there is almost certainly worth the trek.

Fitting Karijini into your roadtrip plans is an ideal way to see the park, which is at the middle of the 2,500-kilometre drive known as Warlu Way. This famous north-west route will take you from Exmouth to Broome and is said to have been inspired by an Aboriginal story. Daniel Scott recently wrote about his visit to Karijini in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald where he recalls, "When I first visited this 627,000-hectare national park at the heart of Western Australia's Pilbara region, it left me awed and humbled. At Hancock Gorge, where I found myself surrounded by 2½-billion-year-old banded iron formations, I felt closer to the soul of the planet than I'd ever been. Of all the 200 Australian national parks I had so far visited, Karijini, with its ancient chasms cleaved out of the Hamersley Range, left the most indelible impression on me."

Even if Karijini is the main destination of your motorhome rental trip it definitely isn't the only thing worth seeing along these long and dusty roads. Scott also stopped at another "spellbinding" national park (Millstream-Chichester) nearby before heading to Karijini and its gorges, rock walls and waterfalls. Sound intriguing? Find out more about Australian Motorhome Roadtrips and great deals on campervan rentals at MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

Photos by Fredrik Bülow via Wikimedia Commons

RV Rentals Ideal for Off-Season Roadtrips

Do you love camping, especially in the slower transitional seasons of spring and autumn, but hate having to deal with intemperate weather with only a thin nylon tent to save you from the elements? The obvious answer is to trade in the tent for a luxurious RV rental. Not only will the motorhome rental keep you dry, especially if you're exploring beautiful but wet places like the Oregon Coast this time of year, but you will be able to enjoy all the comforts of home like hot coffee in the mornings from your very own kitchenette. Renting an RV also means that if you're planning to drive along the coast you won't have to pack up all your gear after every stop, instead you can save that time for exploring the beauty of the area you've chosen to visit.

One traveller who has discovered the convenience--and dryness--of the motorhome rental is avid camper Brian J. Cantwell who recently wrote a piece in the Times Colonialist entitled "Coastal Trip an RV Delight." Mr. Cantwell and his wife Barbara left their tent behind in favour of an RV on their last trip to the Northwest and the change was quite the revelation.

"For this camping trip in the off-season, when 'Northwest' and 'rain' tend to be synonymous, the RV made all the difference. Rather than moan about packing up a sodden tent, we could look out from our home on wheels and scoff smugly at the rain," Cantwell writes. "And for RV camping on the Oregon coast, it's hard to beat spring or fall, when campgrounds open up, reservations aren't needed and you're not lumbering along in an endless parade of traffic on Highway 101." The RV rental not only made travelling in the off-season feasible, but it was also comfortable and quite economical, especially when compared to renting an SUV for the same journey.

If you, like the Cantwells and so many others, are eager to explore in the off-season consider a motorhome rental to eliminate worry about the weather. For more information about roadtrips throughout the Pacific Region in the United States visit Pacific Motorhome Roadtrips.

1. Cacophony via Wikimedia Commons
2. Bill Koplitz via Wikimedia Commons

Monday, September 20, 2010

Take a Campervan to Oktoberfest

On October 12, 1810, Munich hosted its first Oktoberfest to celebrate the marriage of Ludwig, the Bavarian crown prince, to Princess Therese of the Saxon-Hildburghausens. This year Germany is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the event, which now spans sixteen to eighteen days from September to the first week of October. Today Oktoberfest is the biggest festival in the world and an incredibly important part of Bavarian culture. It's also one of those parties that everyone should experience at least once and what better way than with your own Munich campervan rental?

The event is held at Theresienwiese, a field in the centre of Munich, where millions of people from all over the world gather to imbibe in large amounts of German beer as well as traditional dishes like Schweinsbraten roast pork, Sauerkraut, Reiberdatschi potato pancakes, Kasspatzn cheese noodles, Weisswurst white sausage and Obatzda, which is a delicious cheese-butter spread infused with spices. Of course, in additional to drinking and eating visitors to the festival also get to enjoy lively music, participants dressed in historical costumes and more than a few bierleichens. For more details about a motorhome rental in Munich you can visit MotorhomeRoadtrip.Com.

If you can't make it to Germany, but still want to fulfil your love of beer and bratwurst consider attending shoot-off Oktoberfest celebrations in other parts of the world. The reported second--or third--largest Oktoberfest festival in the world is being held outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada from October 8 to 16, 2010 in the town of Kitchener. Here over 700,000 gather annually to enjoy beer, music and good eats. Interested in a motorhome rental for your Canadian Oktoberfest celebrations? Visit for great deals.

Oktoberfest at Night - Photo by Softeis (Wikimedia Commons)

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Marxi knows Motorhomes

Rohan 'Marxi' Marx, the General Manager of iMall Motorhomes knows a bit about Motorhomes. He's started a new blog at where he plans to periodically excellent info about tips to booking motorhomes.
Book your RV before your flights
Do not book your flights first especially if you are travelling inside of 2 months. There are far less RVs available in the USA than there are seats on planes coming into and out of the country! By all means investigate flights before booking your RV, but make sure you have secured an RV before confirming your flights. You may find that your first choice RV rental is not available but your agent has come back to you with alternative suggestions that may have variation in the pick up or drop off dates or even locations. If you have booked your flights first you may now find it hard or expensive to change these to enable you to take the alternative RV rental suggested. Many people make this mistake and end up having flights booked but never secure an RV.

Further to above, do not wait for cheap last minute deals on flights before booking an RV. Your chances of securing an RV that fits between your return flight dates and locations is greatly diminished the closer you get to your RV travel dates. And what money you save on a cheaper last minute flight will be more than swallowed up by a more expensive rental price on the RV which typically increases as your travel dates get closer to booking dates.

Right now its peak booking season for New Zealand Campervan Hire and Australia Campervan Hire. If you want to enjoy these beautiful parts of the world in a motorhome - get your motorhome booking arranged first or deal with heartache later!

Check out Campervan Hire Sale Finder New Zealand or Campervan Hire Sale Finder Australia for the best deals!

Senior PHP Developer, 10,000+ miles away

So you know you’re a great PHP programmer and you want work that keeps your life interesting. Then why do something really radical - turn your world upside down and shift down under to New Zealand and work with us!

iMall Brands is world class e-commerce company based in Auckland, New Zealand and we’re currently on the hunt for 5 senior PHP programmers. We have 80 staff worldwide, with offices in Auckland, Melbourne, London and Shenzhen, but most of the dev is done in Auckland because it's a nice place to live.

What we offer:
  • Your airfares to New Zealand paid and help to sort out your work NZ work visa/residency.
  • A competitive wage of 85k NZD
  • A desk in our outstanding offices in downtown Auckland
  • Colleagues who know what they’re doing - our programming team is small but prodigious, consisting of 1 Slovenian, 2 Russians, 1 Chinese and a Kiwi. We also outsource to programmers all over the planet.
  • A 'sweet as' laid back kiwi lifestyle with beaches and barbecues never to far away!

About the job:
As an integral part of this IT team, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing the company' current in house applications. You need the ability to multi-task, have strong technical knowledge and a sense of humor!

Requirements for this role:
  • Minimum of 3-4 years PHP development experience, with a strong focus on PHP 5 development and OO development practices.
  • Experience in application development (not just websites, but applications)
  • MySQL database administration
  • HTML, CSS, UI Design experience. You must have a sound understanding of best practice cross-browser support and Web standards based development.
  • Experience in client-server application development.
  • Experience in Javascript/AJAX development, especially with the JQuery and MooTools frameworks.
  • Experience with development support tools such as SVN, Wiki based documentation tools and project management software.
  • Good understanding of Linux/Unix systems and IP networking.
  • Strong attention to detail - especially around application security and standards.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential.
  • Logical, methodical and accurate work practices

Tasks Include:

  • building, testing and implementing approved work requests and projects
  • correctly developing systems and system changes that meet user requirements
  • ensuring that coding and testing is performed correctly
  • following and understanding existing processes
  • working effectively and contributing to the overall success of own team
If you’re interested email us at

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Bish's RV Challenge: What's Better than a Motorhome Rental? A Chance to Win Your Own RV!

What would you do to win an RV and the freedom that the open road holds? The twelve contestants currently participating in Bish's RV Challenge in Idaho Falls, Idaho are about to find out just how far they'll go to win. The Survivor-style contest will see the twelve camping out in RVs in an enclosed area with two people voted off each day after the group competes in various challenges. Each contestant is allowed a sleeping bag, the clothes on their back and one personal item. The big prize? A 2011 Dutchmen travel trailer from Bish's.

The contest will run from September 13 to September 18, 2010, and the last RVer to remain standing will win the grand prize worth over $20,000. The contestants not only have to make it through the grueling eliminations every night, but also have to come out on top in the daily challenges to ensure they'll be around to fight another day. The challenges include activities like Tennis Dodge Ball, where contestants are split up into two teams to play that old childhood favourite dodge ball, but using tennis balls instead. The winning team then had to move the tennis balls into different bins while blindfolded to determine the ultimate victor.

“We just want to bring it back and let people know we’re here and we want to be a part of the community,” Megan Walker of Bish's explained about the idea behind the contest. “Come win an RV and go camping. The ultimate goal is to get people out there and camping.” You can follow the daily contest happenings on Bish's blog and if you're lucky enough to have an RV to hit the road in head to Motorhome Rental USA for tips and travel itineraries to maximize your USA motorhome rental vacation.

Video Clips Courtesy of Bish's

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Tour Beaches in Brisbane, Australia by Campervan

If you decide to take a drive with your motorhome rental along Queenston's Gold and Sunshine Coasts, both within driving distance of the city of Brisbane, you will find a variety of different beaches to choose from. Among the many are Nudgee and Sandgate, Sunshine Beach and Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, and Surfers' Paradise and Main Beach on the Gold Coast.

Nudgee Beach

Eighteen kilometres from Brisbane proper you will find the famous Nudgee Beach. Surrounded by mangroves and bordered by the Boondall Wetlands and Gateway Motorway, Nudgee feels deliciously isolated from the bustling city nearby. Settle in the sand to witness a great sunrise, take in the bike track or visit one of the local restaurants or cafes for a meal and some ice cream. This small hamlet has been rehauled as of late with many of the old beach shacks having been replaced by luxe and modern versions. If you'd like to peruse a few shops then nearby Banyo Village or Sue's Corner are your best bets.

Coolum Beach

On the Sunshine Coast about an hour from Brisbane is gorgeous Coolum Beach. Named for the headless Mount Coolum, which can be seen from most points in the area and can be hiked in about half an hour, the beach is a perfect spot for surfing and swimming. Parks, a boardwalk and an esplanade complete the beach experience of this seaside town.

Surfers' Paradise Beach

The winner of many awards Surfers' Paradise is a perfect destination for many things including, of course, surfing. About 78 kilometres from Brisbane here you can enjoy clean waters and sandy shores before heading to Cavill Avenue and Cavill Mall for some shopping.

If you're in the Brisbane area you may also want to visit the beautiful Kondalilla Falls National Park, which is about a two hour drive from the city it is well worth the trip. Regardless of which beach, coast or activity you choose Brisbane is a wonderful place to plan a beach vacation, just go to Campervan Hire Brisbane for some awesome deals and be on your way.

Image Sources:
1. Photo of Surfers' Paradise Beach by PJ Robertson (Wikimedia Commons)
2. Photo of Nudgee Beach by Enya2008 (Wikimedia Commons)
3. Photo of Coolum Beach by Zephyr103 (Wikimedia Commons)
4. Photo of Surfers' Paradise Beach by Björn Strömblom (Wikimedia Commons)

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