Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Green Motorhoming New Zealand

Green Motorhoming New Zealand
These days we're all concerned about the environment. And rightly so, after all so many of us go on holiday to take in the sights and gaze upon nature and the beautiful landscapes, rivers, mountains and more. So here's a better way to travel -- with reduced emissions and better fuel efficiency. For Green Motorhoming New Zealand check out

Enviro Campers vehicles meet the VTNZ Five Star benchmark - which far exceeds the equivalent European emission standards. They're also priced to meet every budget, with Backpacker, Standard and Premium Models.

Here's a story published in the NZ Herald, by a writer who took his family on holiday in a campervan:
"As much social experiment as holiday, we've packed our lives - Ella, Mack (2) and Evie (6 months) as they are known - into a six-berth Apollo Campervan and hit the road."
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Video: Sustainable tourism in New Zealand

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