Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tasmania Campervan Hire: Get a 'Sweet' Deal at this Shop

Tasmania Campervan HireJustin is a self-confessed "Lollyaholic" so it didn't take long for him to sniff out Tasmanian sweet shop Sweets & Treats.

"Driving through Tasmania in my campervan," he says, "I found that the choice is limitless at this lolly shop."

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He describes it as like being in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Sweets include Choc Orange Balls, Giant Choc Orange, Choc Mint Balls, Caramel Buds, Freckles, Giant Gems, Flying Saucers, Rosy Apples, Umbrellas, Sherbet Bombs, Musk Sticks, Sour Straps, Rainbow Marshmallows, Bananas Sherbet Cones, Big Boss Sticks, King Rats, Raspberry Twists, Fruit Straps, English Dusted Jelly Babies, Giant Jelly Babies and Dusted Jelly Babies Aussie Style. Oh, and hundreds more.

They also sell nuts, ice creams, licorice - pretty much any treat you heart - or sweet tooth - desires. Sweets & Treats is open seven days and located at 50 Bridge Street Richmond, Tasmania.

Video: Justin orders up far more than your average dollar mixture.

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