Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Motorhome fleets filling fast for 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

Looking to go to the New Zealand Rugby World Cup in 2011? You better book soon, as supply is becoming scarce, according the Rohan Marx, General Manager of iMall Motorhomes:

“You need to book a Motorhome for the 2011 Rugby World Cup now or you run the risk of missing out” warns Rohan Marx, General Manager of Motorhome Rentals at iMall Motorhomes. “As ridiculous as it sounds we already have one fleet of nearly 600 Motorhomes of all shapes and sizes completely booked out and several smaller fleets quickly nearing 100% Occupancy for the Rugby World Cup”.

The schedule for the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand is as follows:

  • September 9th – October 2nd 2011 Pool Games
  • October 8th – 23rd 2011 Quarter Finals and Finals

Pool games and Quarter finals are played in major centres in both the North and South island of New Zealand with the Semi finals and the final all being played in Auckland.

Marx continues:

“The even spread of locations hosting games and the scarcity of flights, hotels, and motels to, from and in many of these centres makes Motorhoming the perfect way to travel to and from games as well as see New Zealand along the way. Even though we have well over 4000 dedicated rental Motorhomes in New Zealand the Rugby World Cup will see a huge influx of overseas visitors from Rugby playing nations and many of these also happen to be strong Motorhoming Nationalities .

Larger 4 and 6 Berth vehicles will sell out first, so if you are travelling with 3 or more people you really do need to get in and book this side of Christmas 2009. The smaller 2 -3 berth vehicles or 2 Berths with Showers and toilets will sell out also but probably not until the middle or end of 2010. If you are thinking of booking a vehicle for the Rugby World Cup a couple or possibly even 6 months out from the Rugby World Cup – think again. The closest you’ll get is a car and a tent.

You don’t have to put 100% payment down on Campervans in New Zealand until much nearer the pick up date. So if you are worried about the New Zealand dollar being high at the moment and are waiting for it to possibly fall against the Euro or GBP this is not a valid strategy. The important thing is to book and secure a vehicle first. Most companies will require a deposit but the bulk of the rental won’t need to be paid until 3 – 6 months before the tournament. (start to middle of 2011) . Do not think that you will secure a cheap flight first before trying to secure a Motorhome or Campervan. It’s unlikely flights will fluctuate too much around the Rugby World Cup dates and even if they do this won’t be until very close to the actual dates of the tournament and all vehicles will be well and truly booked by then. This is a common mistake Motorhome renters are making with normal Summer periods so the Rugby World Cup will be even worse in terms of vehicle availability."

The asking rates on vehicles for the Rugby World Cup will also increase as the event approached and availability becomes scarce. Now is the best time book - check out Rugby World Cup Motorhome Rental Deals here.

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