Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Low US Dollar, Early Bird Specials makes North America Motorhome Rental Attractive

Now is the perfect time to book Motorhome Rentals for Summer 2010 into the USA and Canada.

Many of the large Motorhome rental companies in Canada and the USA run Early Bird Specials. These typically give a healthy discount of 10 – 15% off the base rental rate and also give other elements like one way fees, convenience kits, pre paid mileage packages at heavily discounted rates also. To qualify bookings for travel over the 2010 Summer Months need to be received by the end of December or end of January. Some companies require for the whole rental to be paid in full by the end of December or January also, others are happy with normal payment terms where some of the booking is paid for up front and the remainder paid 35 days prior to travel.

These are great special offers to take advantage of but for International in-bound travelers to the USA in particular there is another very compelling reason to book and if possible pay for most if not all of your rental now. This is the weak US dollar against most other currencies. At the moment with the US dollar weak not only can you take advantage of Early Bird Special, if you lock in your booking and pay for it now you can also take advantage of what must be pretty favourable currency exchange rates. Of course dealing in currencies is best left for the big boys and international traders but really – how much further has the US dollar got to fall before it surely must rally?

Several website like www.cheap-rv-rental.com or www.fetchrvrental.com also seem to offer very favourable currency exchange rates – often better than the rate of the day that you may see on currency exchange information sites like www.xe.com . These sites will let you search for vehicles and book in other currencies as well as the home currency (USD or CAD) . The only catch with booking in a foreign currency is that they require you to pay for 100% of the rental up front. But if you are booking now and the US currency is weak against other currencies paying for the rental now is probably advantageous as opposed to paying for the bulk of a rental in June for a trip starting in July when the US dollar may be stronger and your own currency (e.g. Euro or Australian Dollar) doesn’t convert as well.

On top of this of course you get the Early Bird discounts by booking before the end of the year.

The other advantage of booking now is availability. Every year the availability of RV’s for rent in the main centres becomes very scarce or impossible if you are leaving your booking to the last minute.. In fact getting a first choice vehicle in March for travel in June – July becomes difficult. So booking this side of the New year will also help ensure you get the vehicle you really want.

These currency advantages aren’t really there for Canada but the same advantages gained through Early Bird Specials apply in Canada.

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