Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Auckland Campervan Hire

Auckland Campervan HireIf you're visiting New Zealand, chances are pretty high that you'll be landing in Auckland. If you are heading that way, why not organise your campervan hire before you get there? Make sure you check out the fantastic deals on Auckland Campervan Hire at

Here's a link to another great blog post at - it's written by a couple checking out the sights in New Zealand. After many days of rural adventures through both the South and North Island they returned to Auckland before heading North:
"We sighted the Skytower and it was like coming home, as it was the first thing we saw when we first arrived in NZ. Such an odd feeling!"
And if you think New Zealand is famous for its sheep population, you might be interested to read about these colourful ones, spotted north of Auckland:
"Within 10kms of Auckland, the traffic had thinned right down again, no cars were to be seen apart from the odd truck. It was as we were drifting up into the Northland, that we saw the sign. 'SheepWorld' it blared out at us. We had to stop and see. It was mandatory, having seen the sign. That was when we saw them. We had parked in the carpark, we were about to go in and have a look at prices, we heard a 'baaa', we turned.An entire field of flourescent, bright, radiant pink sheep stood on our right. Pink sheep! They were day-glo! They were spectacular."
Video: Driving into Auckland city from the North Shore -- views of the city skyline and Sky Tower from the Auckland Harbour Bridge

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