Monday, October 26, 2009

What'll it be Wellington? Woodlands, Campervans or both?

Wellington Campervan HireFurther to our story here about the possibility of a Campervan Park on Wellington's Waterfront, has published a story about some of the submissions the Wellington City Council received.

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"Forget about $400,000 designer dunnies and more buildings on the waterfront – the area should instead become a "recreational forest" criss-crossed with rollerskating paths and tree-top viewing platforms.

That suggestion is among more than 60 submissions received by Wellington City Council on its draft Waterfront Development Plan.

The plan recommends the temporary installation of an ice-skating rink on Queens Wharf, a tent-like centre for indoor soccer between Waitangi Park and Te Papa, and a campervan park opposite Whitmore St.

The new proposals temporarily replace major waterfront developments that have been delayed for up to five years because of the recession." (Source)
Video: Canadians catching the ferry from Picton to Wellington -- sounds like they're fond of their foliage too...

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