Monday, October 26, 2009

Darwin Campervan Hire - Watch Where You Camp!

Darwin Campervan HireWatch where you camp -- travellers are being fined for camping in Darwin parks to avoid paying accommodation fees, according to Darwin City Council.

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A council spokesman told website Thumbrella backpackers and campervanners have been using parks as campgrounds and leaving the area polluted.
“There’s not just the issue of rubbish, it’s ablutions as well. It’s a tropical area so you don’t want people defacating in it,” the spokesman said.

While some backpackers have been fined, others are moved on without hassle, but the spokesman said they are shortly replaced by another group of campers.
Some advice -- stick to the rules and remember when you're travelling you're essentially a guest in someone else's home.

Video: Meet My Campervan -- this campervan journeyed from Melbourne to Darwin over 20 days.

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