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Campervan Hire Australia

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This blog from Claire and Mark over at is really excellent -- as well as diary entries from their campervan journey, they've included heaps of great photos that'll make you want to drive down the Queensland coast.

"After a deep 10 hour sleep we both wake refreshed and ready to hit the road. The weather is much better today and it is hot and sunny. We leave Lemon Tree Passage and head straight to the supermarket for sun cream and mozzie bite cream - the local wildlife had had a feast on our fresh English blood during the night!

Back on the Pacific Highway to Buladelah, we take a turning for Pacific Palms and follow signs to Bluey's Beach. As we drop down the hill, we get our first view of the ocean and the magnificent beach with only a handful of people on it. We can't resist a quick paddle!"

..."We decide to have fish & chips for tea (well to be accurate, Barramundi & Chips - how exotic!) and eat them on a park bench overlooking the water. It takes a lot to beat Yorkshire Fish & Chips but these were good! As we sit enjoying the view, the sun starts to go down..."

Video: A campervan tourist begins his journey.

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From Darwin to Alice Springs in a Hire Campervan

Alice Springs Campervan HireHere's a link to a blog from two travellers who set off from Darwin on a six day journey to get to Alice Springs.

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"Once we were in Alice we had a walk around the town centre, went on the internet (obviously a very exciting activity when you haven't been on facebook for a whole 6 days) and nipped to tourist information to find a campsite. We found a campsite called Good day mate on the outskirts of Alice which was very nice, we read our books when we arrived here, Daisy and I painted our toe nails and then we decided we should really cook tea."
Read the rest here:

Video: On the road from Alice Springs to Adelaide

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Campervan Hire Adelaide

Campervan Hire AdelaideAn elderly South Australian rode his bicycle from Adelaide to Melbourne with his wife driving their campervan as a support vehicle.

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80-year-old John Woolcock says riding his bicycle to Melbourne was easy. “It wasn’t really hard work because I’ve never had a bike this good before,” he told the Murray Valley Standard, "It’s so easy to ride with 21 speeds.”

The Tailem Bend resident made a promise several years ago to ride from Adelaide to Melbourne when he turned 80.

"Little did he know his family was keen to see him keep the promise as they presented him with a new 21-speed bicycle for his birthday in March.

Mr Woolcock warmed up for the trip with a few short rides, covering the Adelaide to Mount Barker, Mount Barker to Callington and Callington to Coomandook legs of his trip in the months leading up to his major trek.

He set out for Melbourne from Coomandook on September 22 and rode about 600 kilometres over the next 12 days.

With wife Elsie following with the couple’s camper van, Mr Woodcock wound his way through freeways and country roads, at one stage covering 81km in a single day."

Despite the mammoth effort required, Mr Woodcock told media that his body coped just fine with just the odd twinge in his knee and hip.

Video: Dutch travellers taking a seaside break on their way to Adelaide from Sydney

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Campervan Hire in Hobart

Campervan Hire HobartHere are a great couple of links -- the first is a blog entry from a couple travelling through Tasmania in a campervan. The second one is a YouTube clip from a keen filmmaker in Tasmania, who takes in Port Arthur, a former convict settlement located on the Tasman peninsula to the southeast of Hobart. Nowadays the buildings, some of which were built by convicts, are a big tourist attraction.

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From Living Vicariously Thru Lisa:
Saturday: This day was a whirlwind, as we had a lot to see before catching our flight home. We awoke early and headed to Mt. Field National Park, outside of Hobart. We were a well oiled machine at this point. We parked and walked to Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls. You could tell we were a bit closer to civilization, as every stop got a little more crowded. We spent a satisfying amount of time viewing the falls and head back to the van. I wanted to see Salamanca Market, which is a street market in Hobart that is only open until 3pm on Saturdays. Jim got us there with about an hour until close. We browsed and ate sausages.
Video: Great videos from a 10-day Tasmania campervan trip.

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What'll it be Wellington? Woodlands, Campervans or both?

Wellington Campervan HireFurther to our story here about the possibility of a Campervan Park on Wellington's Waterfront, has published a story about some of the submissions the Wellington City Council received.

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"Forget about $400,000 designer dunnies and more buildings on the waterfront – the area should instead become a "recreational forest" criss-crossed with rollerskating paths and tree-top viewing platforms.

That suggestion is among more than 60 submissions received by Wellington City Council on its draft Waterfront Development Plan.

The plan recommends the temporary installation of an ice-skating rink on Queens Wharf, a tent-like centre for indoor soccer between Waitangi Park and Te Papa, and a campervan park opposite Whitmore St.

The new proposals temporarily replace major waterfront developments that have been delayed for up to five years because of the recession." (Source)
Video: Canadians catching the ferry from Picton to Wellington -- sounds like they're fond of their foliage too...

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Christchurch Campervan Hire - A Slice of Europe in NZ

Christchurch Campervan HireTravelling New Zealand’s South Island by camper van has a lot going for it – but according to one travel writer, tea stops are the best of all.

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This story from the Telegraph will give you an idea of just how majestic the views are -- the writer describes some of the scenery, comparing it to Switzerand and Scotland, but is lost for words at the beauty of Milford Sound:
"As a spectacular scene of towering, snow-capped mountains surrounded by an electric-blue glacial lake unfolded before us, we did what any self-respecting Brits would do: we pulled over for a cuppa.

We started on the eastern flank, in Christchurch, then headed south-west to Queenstown – a little slice of Switzerland lying in the shadows of a mountain range justifiably named the Remarkables – before winding toward the island’s scenic big-hitter: Milford Sound. Even the four-and-a-half-hour drive down from Queenstown is outstanding, and considered one of the most breathtaking in the world. It starts off looking like Scotland – only bigger, and flooded – then moves up a gear to resemble Norway. Once you’ve got close to Milford the comparisons stop – there just isn’t anywhere else like it." (Read more at the Telegraph)
Video: Footage of surfing from team Body Glove's 2007 trip to New Zealand. Starting in Christchurch, they drove up to Raglan in 10 days, staying in a campervan the whole way.

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Darwin Campervan Hire - Watch Where You Camp!

Darwin Campervan HireWatch where you camp -- travellers are being fined for camping in Darwin parks to avoid paying accommodation fees, according to Darwin City Council.

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A council spokesman told website Thumbrella backpackers and campervanners have been using parks as campgrounds and leaving the area polluted.
“There’s not just the issue of rubbish, it’s ablutions as well. It’s a tropical area so you don’t want people defacating in it,” the spokesman said.

While some backpackers have been fined, others are moved on without hassle, but the spokesman said they are shortly replaced by another group of campers.
Some advice -- stick to the rules and remember when you're travelling you're essentially a guest in someone else's home.

Video: Meet My Campervan -- this campervan journeyed from Melbourne to Darwin over 20 days.

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