Monday, September 7, 2009

Taking a Break from Driving

Driving can be quite tiring, especially around New Zealand's gorgeous countryside and its gorges, rivers, coasts and mountains. It's really important to stop for a break; once every hour is a good guideline.

And fortunately, some New Zealand towns have eye-catching bathroom facilities -- the Tirau toilets are featured in the below video. You can't miss them, so give yourself a pit-stop and stretch your legs. Maybe even take a 10-100. (That's CB talk, check here for more)

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While we're on the subject, the most notable toilets in New Zealand are the Hundertwasser block in Kawakawa, listed by the AA in their list of 101 Must-do Weekends. Designed by artist, ecologist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the toilets are made from the community's recycled glass bottles and bricks:
A brightly coloured archway greets visitors as they arrive at this quintessential Northland town. Sculptured columns beckon those with crossed legs to make their way quickly to find comfort and relief within its walls.
You'll have to put these facilities on your travel list of er, jobs to do...

Video: Tirau for a quick one

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