Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ex-New York Cop Tours in Eco-friendly RV

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Here's a great story about an ex-New York cop who wanted to see the USA from the comfort of an RV -- he also made some environmentally conscious decisions about the sort of vehicle to drive. After several events in his life made him question his own existence, he took to the road in a specially equipped motorhome:

Brian bought a large pickup truck and camper and equipped it with all the essentials...but these essentials would be powered by the sun and the wind. 6 large solar panels are on the RV, along with a retractable wind turbine..."the refrigerator , microwave, the vents, the fans, the lights, recharging all the camera batteries. Everything comes from the energy of the sun and the wind." Even rainwater is collected, filtered and used for drinking and bathing.
Check out the story here and watch the video clip below

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