Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Perils of New Zealand Campervan Hire

Campervan hire New ZealandNo, it's not the winding roads through New Zealand's fantastic gorges. It's not driving on the left so much -- although that has been known to catch some folk out. The word of warning about campervan travel in NZ is more about our sheep population: "Parking for the night in a pitch-black location will almost certainly result in the floor of the campervan being iced delicately with a fine film of sheep feces. And it stains. "

The above quote is from from an article published at, from a traveller who toured New Zealand in a campervan along with five companions. It's a great read, so do check it out. here's how it starts:

"I’m surprised that I survived New Zealand. Seriously. Between learning to drive a malfunctioning campervan on the left side of windy, mountain roads, jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet, spelunking in underground rivers, and climbing the world’s steepest commercial glacier, I wasn’t just flirting with death; death had bought me a drink and was asking for my number."
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Video: A slideshow of a campervan tour through New Zealand, bookended by footage from a skydiving jump

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