Thursday, August 20, 2009

Courtesy with Campervans in New Zealand

campervan hire New Zealand TV presenter Paul Henry reckons campervans hog the road and drive too slowly and says that they should only be operated between 1am and 4am. He's obviously taking things too far with this rant -- but it does illustrate that slow-coach driving can be a huge source of irritation, not to mention downright hazardous.

Whether you're driving a campervan, caravan or trailer, if you're using the New Zealand roads, the need for courtesy is ever present. And beautiful scenery can be distracting, making you forget about the vehicles travelling behind you.

Motorhomes or Campervans generally don't travel very fast. And roads in New Zealand twist and turn, especially when winding through gorges where passing lanes are not always present. Remember to be courteous and pull over when and where possible, allowing the traffic behind to pass. If you're in a spot where the view is that good, and there are plenty of those, pull over into a roadside rest area. It's a good chance to stretch your legs and enjoy a cuppa.

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Video: Funny rant by Paul Henry, Breakfast TV host, about how campervans ruined his Easter driving pleasure

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