Sunday, August 2, 2009

Australia Motorhome Rental - Why It Pays To Book Ahead

Australia Motorhome RentalWhether you're heading to Queensland's Gold Coast, the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, the Great Ocean Road in southwest Victoria or checking out seaside towns in Western Australia, the Lucky Country is a great place to experience from the comfort of a campervan. But did you know there are great deals and discounts to be had by booking well in advance? If you're after Australia Motorhome Rental check out

The campervan rental companies on offer through Earlybookers include Britz, Kea, Maui, Apollo and the popular but often controversial Wicked Campers (pictured above left), whose marketing has made a few waves lately. Watch the video below, which is pretty harmless really, of two Swedish tourists in Brisbane taking up the Wicked Campers 'Drive Naked' challenge.

Remember, if you're looking for Australia Motorhome Rental check out You don't have to drive naked though. Promise.

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A Wicked Evangelist said...

hahaha i love that video, those swedish guys really played up to the camera!

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