Thursday, July 9, 2009

Motorhome Rental New Zealand

Motorhome Rental New ZealandI watched a great documentary called Surfwise last night on NZ's Rialto channel, about the Paskowitz family, who are often referred to as the "First Family of Surfing". They're pretty well known in surfing circles, but it was the alternative lifestyle of the family, headed by their father Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz that really grabbed my attention.

Doc Paskowitz, a medical doctor by profession, decided to become a professional surfer in the 1950s. Together with his third wife Juliette, they started a health-focused bohemian lifestyle, living out of a 24 foot long campervan for ... 25 years! The tough bit was that they raised nine kids in the campervan. "Sleeping together like puppies" was the way Doc Paskowitz described it. Of course as the kids grew up, the family splintered, but the interesting part was that they all went on to be pretty successful in their chosen fields.

Living in a motorhome is a pretty romantic notion, but it's wise to have fewer companions and go for a slightly shorter time period than 25 years. If you're after a cheap deal on motorhome rental in New Zealand, book online at

Video: Check out the trailer to Surfwise below:

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