Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cheap Campervan Hire Australia

Cheap Campervan Hire AustraliaLet campers and their money stay longer -- that's the call from residents of Goondiwindi, Queensland, Australia, located 350 kilometres south west of the Queensland state capital Brisbane.

Locals reckon signage in their town -- which reads "Strictly Overnight Campers Only" is scaring off tourists. Goondiwindi Regional Councillor David McMahon and local hotel publican Hamish Lindsay would like to see the sign, at the Talwood Recreation Grounds, removed:

“Encouraging caravanners to stay for more than one night in towns like Talwood and Toobeah was one of the issues raised on our listening tour earlier in the year,” Cr McMahon said. “Tourists are good for the town. The longer they stay, the better,” said Mr Lindsay.“Signs like this just discourage people from stopping. If they think they can only stay overnight, a lot of people decide to just keep on driving,” he said.

That was nearly what happened when two travellers from the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia stopped in Talwood this week. Margaret and Alan Benson are self-described “Grey Nomads”, who’ve been travelling around Australia in their van for over a year. “We stayed last night and we read the sign and were about to head off this morning, when Hamish told us we were more than welcome to stay for another night,” Margaret said. (Source)

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