Monday, July 20, 2009

Campervan Hire Perth

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Here's an excerpt from great article in the Sydney Morning Herald, about a campervan road trip from Melbourne to Perth:

They said we'd never make it. They said we'd break down in the middle of nowhere, run out of water and if the unforgiving climate didn't kill us, the guy out of Wolf Creek or another Bradley John Murdoch would. But that didn't stop us setting off in a 1977 Volkswagen campervan sans air-conditioning for a trek across the Nullarbor Plain in blistering heat.

Despite the voices of doom, we lived to tell the tale. Alas, the Kombi didn't.

But it did make the 4000 kilometres from Melbourne to Perth, via the southern West Australian coast - and halfway back - without incident, and what an amazing road trip that made...
Read the rest here, including information about Balladonia, WA, where in 1979 the remains of NASA's Skylab came tumbling down -- the town museum still has pieces of Skylab on display.

Video: Road trip, filmed from Perth, Western Australia down to a camping ground destination six hours away in Parry Beach.

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