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Melbourne Campervan Hire

Melbourne Campervan Hire
Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria, is a sophisticated modern city with plenty of Victorian architecture and a healthy bohemian outlook. But outside the city, there's still plenty to see. Access to the spectacular views on the Great Ocean Road is easy, and you can check out all the sights, like the Twelve Apostles and the London Arch. If you're thinking of seeing the Great Ocean Road it's easy via Campervan. For Melbourne Campervan Hire go to

Some information on the Great Ocean Road, sourced from Wikipedia (
The Great Ocean Road is a 243 km stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Warrnambool. The road was constructed to provide work for returning soldiers and dedicated as a Memorial to those killed in the First World War. It is one of Australia's great scenic coastline drives.

The Great Ocean Road was built by 3000 returned servicemen (or "Diggers") as a war memorial for fellow servicemen who had been killed in the First World War. The idea for the road was suggested as far back as 1864. Surveying began in 1918 and construction took place between 1919 and 1932.

Parts of the Great Ocean Road run around steep coastal mountains. These were the trickiest and the final sections to be built. Much of the road hugs the coast tightly, offering outstanding views of Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean.

The section near Port Campbell provides access by foot or helicopter to some of the most scenic coastline in the world, because of its striking and dramatic natural limestone and sandstone rock formations. These formations have been created by erosion from waves and rain and include Loch Ard Gorge, the Grotto, London Bridge (renamed to London Arch after the 'bridge' partly collapsed), and most famously the Twelve Apostles.

Video: Aerial footage of the Great Ocean Road, taken from a helicopter

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Sydney Campervan Rentals

Looking to rent a campervan in Sydney Australia- check out some great Sydney motorhome hire deals! Now is a great time to visit Downunder - its not too hot and there are less tourists on the road.

If the city gets too hectic for you, take your campervan and visit the Blue Mountains, just a couple hours west of sydney - See video below:

Here are some caravan parks in the blue mountains you can stay at:

View Larger Map

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Tasmania Campervan Hire

Tasmania Campervan HireAustralia's island state of Tasmania is a great place for a campervan holiday. For a start, it's only 300 kilometres across (364 kilometres (226 mi) long from the northernmost point to the southernmost point and 306 kilometres (190 mi) from west to east), so you're only ever half a day away from the beautiful coastal beaches. Check out the video at the bottom of this post to see what a great campervan holiday in Tasmania looks like.

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The following information on Tasmania is from Wikipedia (
Tasmania is an Australian island and state of the same name. It is located 240 kilometres (150 mi) south of the eastern side of the continent, being separated from it by Bass Strait. The state of Tasmania includes the island of Tasmania, which is the 26th largest island in the world, and other surrounding islands. The state has an estimated population of 500,000 (as of December 2008) with almost half located in the greater Hobart area, and an area of 68,401 square kilometres (26,410 sq mi), of which the main island covers 62,409 square kilometres (24,096 sq mi).

Tasmania is promoted as the Natural State and the "Island of Inspiration" owing to its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. Formally, almost 37% of Tasmania is in reserves, National Parks and World Heritage Sites.

The state capital and largest city is Hobart, which encompasses the local government areas of City of Hobart, City of Glenorchy, and City of Clarence, while the satellite town of Kingston (part of the Municipality of Kingborough) is generally included in the Greater Hobart area. Other major population centres include Launceston in the north and Devonport and Burnie in the northwest.

Video: A great video by a couple who went on a romantic four-day campervan holiday in Tasmania. Makes me want to head there right now!

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Cairns Campervan Hire

Cairns Campervan hireBelow is a link to a story about campers who have been illegally staying on private property at Machans Beach, one of the Cairns Northern Beaches in tropical North Queensland. The headline in the article, at, calls it "Battle Over Hippie Haven". If you're looking for Cairns campervan hire, check out the great deals at But stick to legal campgrounds, or you'll wake up with an angry locals banging on your door!

The story goes that a block of private land at Machans Beach has been used by travellers -- "hippies", says the story -- as a campground. Local residents want them gone -- and rangers have spoken to them, but as it's private property the rangers have no jurisdiction. The story gained traction after a real estate agent started marketing the beachfront property, at AUD$1.5 million and discovered campers stayingthere. And when the agent told the owner about the dilemma, the owner laughed and said, "Why wouldn’t you want to camp there, it’s beautiful." Here's the story link.

If you're looking for great deals on Cairns campervan hire, check out, and access the following sites --,, and And remember to camp in a campground!

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Caravan Leap of Faith

Please check your rental contracts before you do this with a motorhome rental!

Will it Make It - The RV over another RV Stunt

Will it make it over the other RV - watch and decide!

If you Rent an RV - be sure to take out some Drive Easy Insurance!

Extreme Motorhome Racing

From Top Gear. Yes, I know you'd love to do this:

Like these motorhomes, you gotta be fast to get some great RV Rental Deals (Fetch RV Rental)

Motorhome Jump

Watch as these daredevils attempt a death defying jump over a motorhome... will they make it?

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Brisbane Camper Van Hire

Brisbane Camper Van HireThinking of touring Australia's Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast in a campervan? If you're looking for a cheap deal on campervan hire in Brisbane, check out the deals online at

Here's a great article from the Sunshine Coast online newspaper The Daily, about a group of 'Grey Nomads' who hire publicly owned places like school grounds to camp in:

Mike Kenavan said most of the group was retired with many planning longer trips "as the year goes on".

Some of the group members have been to, or are planning trips to, Glen Innis, Dysart, Nobby and Adelaide.

"We're extremely grateful for sites like this being made available, rather than going into commercial parks," he said.

Errol Thompson said while the sites were cheaper, it was a two-way street for the school.

"The school gets money from us hiring the school yard and they get unofficial caretakers acting as security for the site," he said.

Read the rest of the story here at The Sunshine Coast's The Daily.

If you're planning a tour of Australia's Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast (Queensland), book Brisbane campervan hire online at You'll find links to seniormotorhomerental-brisbane,, and

Video: Tourism promotional video for the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Campervan Hire Perth

Campervan Hire PerthThinking of touring Western Australia in a campervan? If you're looking for a fantastic deal on campervan hire in Perth, check out the deals online at

Here's an excerpt from great article in the Sydney Morning Herald, about a campervan road trip from Melbourne to Perth:

They said we'd never make it. They said we'd break down in the middle of nowhere, run out of water and if the unforgiving climate didn't kill us, the guy out of Wolf Creek or another Bradley John Murdoch would. But that didn't stop us setting off in a 1977 Volkswagen campervan sans air-conditioning for a trek across the Nullarbor Plain in blistering heat.

Despite the voices of doom, we lived to tell the tale. Alas, the Kombi didn't.

But it did make the 4000 kilometres from Melbourne to Perth, via the southern West Australian coast - and halfway back - without incident, and what an amazing road trip that made...
Read the rest here, including information about Balladonia, WA, where in 1979 the remains of NASA's Skylab came tumbling down -- the town museum still has pieces of Skylab on display.

Video: Road trip, filmed from Perth, Western Australia down to a camping ground destination six hours away in Parry Beach.

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Campervan Hire South Africa

Campervan Hire South AfricaThinking of touring South Africa in a campervan? If you're looking for a fantastic deal on campervan hire in South Africa, check out the deals at

I found a good site recommending campgrounds in South Africa on this SA tourism site -- in 2003 a voluntary star-grading system for the camping and caravanning sector was introduced by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA). Star-graded parks are awarded between one and five stars – acceptable, good, very good, excellent and exceptional:
"Rates at parks and resorts are charged according to their quality and whether it is low or high season - this differs from region to region. December and Easter are peak times for caravanning and camping in the coastal regions. Expect to pay anything from R150 – R400-plus per day. Some camps and resorts charge per person, others charge for the site. While caravanning and camping is no longer a ‘cheap’ getaway option, it is certainly amongst the most affordable, especially for families. It also offers travelers the independence to explore South Africa’s great outdoors with every comfort in tow. The new caravans offer every luxury, as do the four-by-four camper/motor homes – favoured by international tourists."
Their list of recommended sites includes:
  • Kruger National Park
  • Eden Park
  • ATKV Klein-Kariba
  • Mbizi resort
  • Tshipise Forever Resort
  • La Mouette
  • ATKV Hartenbos
  • Royal Natal
  • Campsites at KwaZulu Natal coast and the Southern and Eastern Cape
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Motorhome Rental New Zealand

Motorhome Rental New ZealandI watched a great documentary called Surfwise last night on NZ's Rialto channel, about the Paskowitz family, who are often referred to as the "First Family of Surfing". They're pretty well known in surfing circles, but it was the alternative lifestyle of the family, headed by their father Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz that really grabbed my attention.

Doc Paskowitz, a medical doctor by profession, decided to become a professional surfer in the 1950s. Together with his third wife Juliette, they started a health-focused bohemian lifestyle, living out of a 24 foot long campervan for ... 25 years! The tough bit was that they raised nine kids in the campervan. "Sleeping together like puppies" was the way Doc Paskowitz described it. Of course as the kids grew up, the family splintered, but the interesting part was that they all went on to be pretty successful in their chosen fields.

Living in a motorhome is a pretty romantic notion, but it's wise to have fewer companions and go for a slightly shorter time period than 25 years. If you're after a cheap deal on motorhome rental in New Zealand, book online at

Video: Check out the trailer to Surfwise below:

Campervan Hire in New Zealand

Campervan Hire New Zealand"If New Zealand were a boxer, it would be a contender for best pound-for-pound puncher on the planet". That's what the writer of this Canadian article reckons, calling NZ "unpretentious despite its wonderful portfolio of naturaltreasures that range from the semi-tropical tip of North Island to the British-like climes at the foot of South Island."

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The article goes on to say:
"A popular way of exploring New Zealand is to hire a mini-camper van and take up to four weeks driving around both the North and South Islands, stopping at well-serviced camp sites along the way. We were strapped for time so, apart from a brief foray to Nelson and Abel Tasman Park in the north of South Island, we spent our three-week holiday tooling around North Island, where we visited glorious sandy beaches, hiked over volcanos [sic] and delved into weird and wonderful caves."

The writer then details some of the wonderful places and sights they took in, including a ferry trip to the island of Tiritiri Matangi, the world-famous Waitomo glowworm caves, and a trip up Mount Tongariro, where they spotted Mount Ngauruhoe, which doubles for Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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Cheap Campervan Hire Australia

Cheap Campervan Hire AustraliaLet campers and their money stay longer -- that's the call from residents of Goondiwindi, Queensland, Australia, located 350 kilometres south west of the Queensland state capital Brisbane.

Locals reckon signage in their town -- which reads "Strictly Overnight Campers Only" is scaring off tourists. Goondiwindi Regional Councillor David McMahon and local hotel publican Hamish Lindsay would like to see the sign, at the Talwood Recreation Grounds, removed:

“Encouraging caravanners to stay for more than one night in towns like Talwood and Toobeah was one of the issues raised on our listening tour earlier in the year,” Cr McMahon said. “Tourists are good for the town. The longer they stay, the better,” said Mr Lindsay.“Signs like this just discourage people from stopping. If they think they can only stay overnight, a lot of people decide to just keep on driving,” he said.

That was nearly what happened when two travellers from the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia stopped in Talwood this week. Margaret and Alan Benson are self-described “Grey Nomads”, who’ve been travelling around Australia in their van for over a year. “We stayed last night and we read the sign and were about to head off this morning, when Hamish told us we were more than welcome to stay for another night,” Margaret said. (Source)

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Camper Hire Australia

Camper Hire AustraliaHere's a great article, sourced from, with some tips for things to do while touring Western Australia. If you're looking for camper hire in Australia, check out the deals at

The writer's trip starts and ends in Perth, Western Australia, and takes in some soothing destinations -- including the Sandalwood Factory at Mt. Romance, near the town of Albany, where they offer "The Cone, the Gong and the Bowl" -- a journey into "deep relaxation" involving laying on a mat under a cone while listening to the gentle sounds of a gong:

"A sandalwood-infused scarf wreaths the body in its rich, but not overpowering, fragrance; the gongs vibrate into the very soul and stars send you into eternity.

Letting go of all the stress you didn't know you had, it's easy to slip into a deeply relaxed, almost ethereal, state."
The story also goes into detail about Albany, a former whaling town with a whaling museum, and the "Tree Top Walk" (pictured) among giant trees, including Karri, Marri, Jarrah and the towering Tingle trees, found only near the town of Walpole.

It's a worthwhile read that will give you plenty of ideas about activities while on your campervan holiday in Western Australia. Make sure you check it out.

For Camper Hire in Australia, book online at

Campervan Hire in Australia

campervan hire AustraliaIt pays to play by the rules if you're taking a campervan tour through Australia -- or anywhere, really. The below article, sourced from Byron Bay Directory, says that there's a crackdown on illegal camping in the Byron Bay, New South Wales area after complaints from locals about noise coming from campervans parked in residential areas. Byron Bay is one of Australia's top destinations, popularised in the 1970s by surfies as a travel destination. If you're looking for Campervan Hire in Australia, go to

The Byron Shire News quoted a Butler Street couple having counted 23 vans in their vicinity one night over Easter.

Planning director Ray Darney admits, “it’s not an easy task. As soon as we move them on from one spot, they turn up in another.”

He said rangers had carried out regular patrols of streets known for camping and had directed people to move on as well as issuing on-the-spot parking fines.

Rangers also directed more than 500 campers to roadside rest areas at Bangalow, Tyagarah, North Ocean Shores and Yelgun over Easter alone.

So it's best to play by the rules -- plan ahead and use campgrounds and try not to leave your overnight stop too late. After all, it's only good manners.

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Modern Campers, Futuristic Motorhomes

As more and more people embrace the nomadic lifestyle, motorhomes and trailer designs have ditched the image of square chunks of metal that your grandfather toted around. Check the post at

Here some more images (click on image)

The coolest one, at least in this authors opinion, is the modular Colim Concept by Austrian Designer Christian Susana:

Colim, short for “Colors Of Life In Motion,” is a stunning blend of a motorhome, caravan and a car but the striking feature of this concept is the detachable car. A camper can drive the caravan to any camping location and then remove the car from the main body and drive it anywhere he or she wants to. This design makes sure that the camper is not only enjoying each and every scenic location in the vicinity, but also assures a green and fuel-efficient ride.
Below is an image of this concept:

Ok - shameless promotion: If you are looking for motorhome rental in Germany - check out - they have the most modern motorhome rental fleets around. So while these designs may not be in production - you can find yourself a nice contemporary motorhome while enjoying sites of Germany!

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Cheap Motorhome Holidays in France

Cheap Motorhome Holidays FranceHere's the link to a gorgeous article in The Guardian, about a group who went on a vineyard tour through France in a campervan. They even got to stay for free in some places, although who knows how much was spent on wine...

"We ended up buying a bottle or two of each. It was the least we could do. After all, each of these kind Frenchmen had let us stay with them for a night, for absolutely nothing. Along with about 1,300 other wine-growers and farmers across the country, they have joined an initiative called France Passion, under which holidaymakers with campervans or motor homes can stay on their land, free for a maximum of 24 hours."

Sounds pretty good doesn't it? If you're looking for cheap motorhome rental in France, head straight to

Video: Some great sceneryfrom a motorhome holiday in France. The road to Millau, taking in Sete Beach, the Camargue, Midi Pyrenees, Viaduct du Millau.

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Cheap Motorhome Rental in the UK

Cheap Motorhome Rental UKLooking for cheap motorhome hire in the UK? Check out the deals online at

Just came across a great site at with forums where you can discuss touring the UK. It's always good to get some local knowledge in when planning a trip.

If you are planning a UK tour and need to find cheap motorhome rental, you really should check out the deals online at Deals on offer right now include a 2-berth at UK £19.48, 3-berth at UK £29.22 and a 4-berth at UK £29.22.

Video: Motorhome tour of Sutherland, Scotland, taking in fishing along the way.

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