Monday, June 29, 2009

Handy List of RV Parks in California

Cheap RV Rental California Here's a list of some of the best RV parks in California, sourced from

If you're looking for cheap RV rental in California, take a look at There are always some good deals to be had here for international visitors to California -- you can get a two berth motorhome from USD $48.36, a 3-berth from USD $48.36 and a 5 or 6 berth from USD $56.05.

The list on includes links to:
  • Baja RV Parks
  • San Diego RV Parks
  • Orange County RV Parks
  • LA RV Parks
  • California Deserts RV Parks
  • California Coast RV Parks
  • Central California RV Parks
  • Gold Country RV
  • Sierra RV Parks
  • High Sierra RV Park
  • Eastern Sierra RV Park
  • San Francisco RV Park
  • Wine Country RV Parks
  • North California Coast RV
  • RV Parks North California
  • Shasta RV Park
  • Trinity RV Park
  • RV Park Klamath
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