Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How the RV industry in USA (and the world) can survive

Though things are looking pretty bleak for the USA industry, RV expert Mark Polk has some insights of how people within the US RV industry can weather the storm. We've included some of his insights and added our own here as well.

  • Survival of the fittest - the only the most adaptable companies will survive. This means that manufacturers must look outside their 'boxes'. Traditional fatcats will replace by nimbler companies that can look outside their usual markets, eg renting their inventory to overseas tourists or hiring them for large public events.
  • Quality comes first - people will want RVs that last because they can't afford high maintence vehicles. Quality of information is also important especially on websites. Consumers are very savvy through economic downturns, and having a poor website is even more of a liablity.
  • Better Customer Service - If repeat customers are wanted - you better up the ante in this department. Some RV Rental companies charge different rates for foreign travellers vs domestic. Others have heaps of charges. Being fair to all customers, and they will be sure to come back to you.
  • Wiser Financing. Lets face it, Motorhomes are big purchase, make sure that the customer can afford it!
  • Green Motorhomes are here to stay. Gas guzzlers are a thing of the past. Airstream is one company that has remained innovative over the years - they are so lightweight that even a bicycle can pull them. And who wants toxic chemicals in their motorhomes?
  • Add Value to Existing Vehicles - The age of 'Throwaway' purchases and upgrade to new vehicles is over. More people are renovating existing Campers, RVs and Motorhomes - if existing suppliers can find a way to make more efficient parts and accessories for existing vehicles, then they just might survive this downturn.
Read the full article from Mark Polk here.

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