Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Motorhoming 'greener' than fly/drive/hotel vacations

enviro campers
Here's a great new article from Motorhome Magazine (

"RV vacations are not only fun, affordable and comfortable for families," says Richard Coon, president of Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, "this study shows that they're also more green than vacations including flying."

PKF, headquartered in Alexandria, Va., analyzed the CO2 emissions (in tons) of vacations varying in length from three, seven, 10 and 14 days to destinations such as Orlando, Fla.; New Orleans, La.; and Napa, Calif. The RV vacations analyzed included car/folding camping trailer; SUV/travel trailer; Type C motorhome; and Type A motorhome (diesel).
So if you are looking to go Motorhoming consider companies that care about the enviroment. Once such company is EnviroCamper:

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