Thursday, June 12, 2008

US RV Market - Great news for some bad news for others

Here's a look a quick look at the headlines in Google News for 'RV Rental' taken today:
  1. Flat visitor season anticipated in Alaska thanks to high price of gas
  2. Camping World/FreedomRoads Announces Expansion Into RV Rental Market
  3. RV Rentals Up Despite Rising Fuel Costs
  4. The Demise of the RV
  5. Big cars take big hit in light of gas
  6. Despite fuel costs, demand for rental motor homes rolls on
  7. RV sales travel off course
  8. Cost, variety make RVs a good deal for families
  9. Sales of big RVs take a dive as fuel stops cost drivers $600
  10. Tourism feeling effects of high gas prices
The messages are very mixed - some companies are going great some on the verge of bankruptcy. Here's my two quick points on the market.
  1. Manufacturers are struggling - with Petrol prices high, economy going into recession, RV's are a luxury that Americans are not likely to purchase.
  2. RV Rentals Companies are doing well - but only some markets. US Dollar is down, Euro is up. The travel-happy British, Germans and other Europeans are coming to America in droves to take advantage of this. However, this seems to be in only popular tourist areas such as California and Florida. Other areas like the American midwest which are common destinations for foreigners have to rely on penny pinching Americans to hire their vehicles (though in the long run - renting an RV is a bargain when considering all the costs).
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