Thursday, June 5, 2008

RV Rental Checklist

I found this post recently on Dave Corby's RV Rental blog - though the blog hasn't been updated in a wee while (27-Apr-2006 last at the time of this post), the Common Mistakes of RV Rentals has some invaluable tips for planning your next RV holiday:

  1. Planning to do too much.
  2. Driving too fast or too long.
  3. Forgetting their unit is wider, longer, taller and heavier than the vehicle they are used to driving.
  4. Driving into areas, such as parking lots, without first planning how to drive out.
  5. Assuming their rental unit will have a TV, VCR, and/or Entertainment Center.
  6. Assuming their unit will be delivered with all of the equipment and supplies needed to actually live in it.
  7. Not allowing enough time for just enjoying the RV lifestyle.
  8. Planning to eat all of their meals out . . . or planning to prepare all of their own meals.
  9. Rushing through the dealer’s pre-delivery orientation.
  10. Not paying attention to their monitor panel.
  11. Driving with the water heater or water pump on.
  12. Failure to Use Checklists
  13. Hesitating to ask questions of other RVers.

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