Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Green Motorhomes

Green Motorhomes

Today, there is increasing concern across the world for a cleaner and greener environment. The ‘go green’ campaign has hit every aspect of our lives, be it shopping at super markets, working in offices and also taking a vacation.

With a growing concern on the impact of travel habits of tourists across the globe, especially when it comes to long distance holidaying, many choose to avoid excessive wastage and stay at home. But it is a natural human urge to travel and explore.

Travel companies, while acknowledging the issue of fuel emissions and harm to the environment especially due to long distance travel, are trying to come up with environment friendly solutions as an answer to this problem. Many companies and environmental NGOs have joined hands to promote RVing as a means for a comfortably viable family based holidaying option which is both affordable and avoids additional wastage while protecting the environment.

Many companies are now promoting RV and Motorhoming or camper van grounds in designated areas where families can have access to parking their rented or owned RVs.

Motorhomes Just Turned Greener!

With the increasing popularity of motorhomes, companies are coming out with various innovative designs and models to pack as many homely comforts into the RV as are possible. Be it a heating system, a microwave, a dishwasher, a shower, a gas stove, air conditioning, electrical gadgets, plug points etc. These are the same comforts that one uses at home or at a vacation abroad, in some form or the other. With an increasing pressure to save the environment and ‘go green’, companies are inventing more ways to minimize consumption and emission of fuel and looking for ways to avoid wastage. Thus, today, these same gadgets are designed differently so as to fit them in Motorhomes such that they consume lesser amount of water and very little electricity or fuel; allowing families to leave a comparatively minor ecological footprint or minimal damage to the environment which is restored very rapidly. This has led to more effective designs and greener motorhomes! So now, you can holiday without feeling guilty and show your family a good time as well.

Some Other Benefits of Motorhoming

Motorhoming can save on your energy and utility bills. For example, motorhoming in a cooler destination is a much more environment friendly idea than spending your summer vacations at home and turning up the air conditioning.

Moreover, Motorhomes are large and can carry more luggage and passengers than a normal car. So if you are holidaying with friends, it makes more sense to hire a motor home than to drive you own cars and meet up individually. Today, you can hire motorhomes that can house 2 to 8 people at one time. It is not just cheaper on your pockets and more fun, it is going to help you do your bit protecting the environment from the long distance emission of fuel toxins.

Finally,a ross the globe, more companies are putting in an effort to make motorhome rentals more eco friendly - examples of this are Enviro Camper sites www.envirocampers.co.nz in New Zealand and www.envirocampers.com.au in Australia.

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