Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Choose your currency when hiring a campervan in New Zealand

Popular New Zealand campervan hire website www.britstouringnewzealand.co.nz has announced the ability for customers to book their New Zealand campervan holidays in British Pounds or New Zealand Dollars.

"This is great news for UK travellers to New Zealand," said Brits Touring New Zealand director, Mike Ballantyne. This may seem like a small issue, but it is very important to UK travellers who are concerned about the impact of exchange rates on their holiday. For example, if a British family books a New Zealand holiday in April for travel around Christmas, most New Zealand campervan companies will collect the payment only in New Zealand dollars just prior to, or on arrival. By then the currency rate may have changed significantly. They may get more for their money, or they may get less. We realise that most people have a fixed budget and don't want to gamble on the exchange rates, which is why we give them the option of locking in a price in British Pounds, at the exchange rate relevant at the time of booking."

features what is probably New Zealand's largest range of campervans to rent.

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